Dec. 13, 2022

Austin Preik: Be the "Light" to Your Clients

Austin Preik: Be the

Faith, beliefs, and emotions can play a huge role in successfully closing a real estate deal. Learn how, as the psychologist, theologist, and successful real estate agent Austin Preik shares the story of how he found success in this highly competitive...

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Faith, beliefs, and emotions can play a huge role in successfully closing a real estate deal. Learn how, as the psychologist, theologist, and successful real estate agent Austin Preik shares the story of how he found success in this highly competitive business.


Austin Preikis was known in his team as the International Man of Realty. Having moved from Canada to the U.S., to Africa, and back to the States, he has been able to see the business from a broad perspective and has a personal understanding of what it means to move and change one’s life through real estate.


Through his fate and his wide array of knowledge in fields as diverse as psychology and theology, Austin has been able to build a successful and consistent real estate career throughout his 6 years of experience in the field.


Tune in to learn Austin’s secrets to becoming a successful real estate businessman coming from such a different background.


[00:00 - 06:31] Introducing our special guest Austin Preik, a psychologist and real estate expert


  • Our host Tracy Hayes introduces our special guest Austin Preik, a psychologist and theologist who has used his unconventional skills and knowledge in multiple fields to find success in the real estate business. 
  • Austin's top tips for building relationships and getting business from your real estate activities include being active in interest groups and participating in different activities within your community. 


[06:31 - 13:07] Psychology major finds success in sales

  • Text discusses how Katie Camper Missy, a colleague of the Austin’s, has reached a point in her career where she no longer focuses on making money and instead does doing things she enjoys.
  • Austin grew up in Canada and moved to the United States in 1998.
  • He worked in a lab for a company that made wood finishes before moving into sales.
  • In 2007, he sold his company and moved back to North Carolina to start training new distributors. He then got a master's degree in Divinity.


[13:07 - 20:09] Real Estate Success Story: Former Event Coordinator Turns to Real Estate

  • Austin started his real estate career in 2017 after watching Shark Tank and being encouraged to try his luck in the industry.
  • He bought a house in Green Lake Village in 2012 for $264,000 and experienced some difficulties with the equipment he had purchased for his business.
  • He sold the business and equipment and decided to try real estate full-time.
  • Real estate has been a good fit for him, and he is currently working in Clay County.


[20:09 - 26:47] New Agents on the hunt for a good team

  • New agents should interview multiple brokers to find the best fit for them rather than begging brokers to accept them. 
  • Keller Williams was one of the brokers that Austin interviewed when he began working in real estate as a new agent.
  • Joining a team at Keller Williams was a good decision because there were different teammates with different personalities and training
  • Josh Rogers’ team was also a good fit for new agents because it had good training and culture.


[26:47 - 33:32] How to get leads from your YouTube channel

  • Austin discusses how agent Josh reached out to him and had a coffee meeting to discuss the possibility of Josh coaching Austin on his YouTube channel.
  • Josh offered to help Austin with his YouTube channel, and Austin was initially resistant because of his ego. However, after having a cup of coffee with Josh, Austin realized that he wanted to be his own boss and build his own business.
  • Josh's advice to new agents advertising on youtube is to document their day and post videos about what they’re doing, showing properties and locations, in order to create a relationship with potential buyers.


[33:32 - 40:05] Josh Wolk's Top Tips for Video Marketing

  • Podcasts and YouTube videos can provide valuable information for a long time, which can, in turn, bring many leads. 
  • Austin has a friend whose show went viral and is now known as an "expert" in the field.
  • Shooting videos on your phone is a good way to get them done quickly and avoid having them look bad the next time you shoot one.
  • You don’t need the latest gear or production quality to begin making content, just put in the time and get better at making content as you go.


[40:05 - 46:52] How to make an impact with video content

  • Having good quality audio in your videos is more important than using music or other sounds.
  • You should create an emotion in your videos to keep people watching.
  • You should try to be yourself in your videos and focus on uploading consistent content.
  • It’s important to read industry journals and listen to podcasts to stay sharp.


[46:52 - 53:40] 5 Ways to Make Income from Expressive Properties

  • Austin was initially approached by another agent at a different brokerage and decided to look into X P.
  • Austin loves the diversity of income options available at X P, as well as the financial alignment between agents.
  • X P has grown exponentially in the past few years and now has over 90,000 agents nationwide.


[53:40 - 01:00:22] How to leverage multiple platforms for your marketing

  • Agents should focus on producing content that is valuable to their audience and will build relationships that are meaningful.
  • Panelists should ask meaningful questions that are relevant to the topic at hand and not just talk about themselves.
  • Panels should focus on creating an event that is worth attending and not just a marketing ploy to bring in attendees.


[01:00:22 - 01:06:46] How to make your content more visible

  • For beginner content creators, it's important to focus on one thing and do it well.
  • There is a lot of advice available on how to make your content more visible, but it is ultimately up to the creator to try and do it.
  • Starting content creators should shoot their videos first, then start tweaking things and getting more exposure.
  • There are trolls on the internet, but content creators should just ignore them.


[01:06:46 - 01:13:14] Tracy's Tips for Successful Real Estate Negotiations

  • Prospecting is key for any real estate agent, and new agents should constantly be learning and staying up to date on the market.
  • Education is important, as is staying current on industry trends.
  • It's important to have a system in place for follow-up, including contacting customers regularly.


[01:13:01 - 01:26:26] Take Care of Yourself and Your Business

  • Real estate is a career that can be very rewarding, with the potential for long-term success if taken care of and approached with the right mindset and attitude.
  • One of the biggest mistakes agents can make is paying attention to the noise, and not focusing on what’s important, which can lead to negative feelings and stagnation.
  • Reaching out for help is always a good idea, whether it's to oneself or to someone more experienced.
  • Agents should also keep their guns loaded by continuing to produce content and build relationships with potential clients.


[01:26:26 - 01:32:50] Real Estate Excellence Podcast: How to Connect with Agents Like Austin

  • Austin discusses the importance of networking and learning from others to improve his skills.
  • He recommends subscribing to the Real Estate Excellence podcast, watching his older videos, and connecting with others online.


[01:32:51 - 01:32:57] Tracy Hayes: Where You'll Meet More Like-Minded Individuals

  • You can find more like-minded individuals at
  • This is a great way to expand your inner circle and your personal experience.



“If you can get business from pursuing your passion, whether it’d be an interest group or a hobby where you get to meet people and get in relationships, your life becomes so much better.” -Austin Preik


“If you want to make effective content to advertise your business, you need to ask yourself what your buyers are worried about when they go to sleep, whether it’s market prices or something as simple as alligators in a neighborhood. Then make a video about it.” -Austin Preik


“It’s good to always read and watch content about how to make your own content better. But there is a time when you actually need to stop watching and just shoot the video. You won’t get better at making your own content unless you practice.” -Austin Preik


“The reason why constant education is important regardless of how experienced you are is that, if you wanna give something, you need to have something to give, and that comes knowledge, which needs to be constantly updated.” -Austin Preik


“If I wanna be a better husband and father, I need to hang out with people who I look up to and respect as husbands and fathers. The same thing goes for real estate. If I wanna be a successful agent, I need to hang out with successful agents. That’s why mentorship is so important.” -Austin Preik

Get in contact with Austin Pricks and learn more about him and his businesses by visiting his Facebook page and his YouTube channel

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