Great Inspiration, not just for Real Estate

The show was very well done. While hearing content to market real estate, I was changing it in my mind to pull out the ideas that could help me with my podcast Becoming the name/face to trust on any specific topic is very important. Building trust in any business is vital if you intend to be long term. Great idea’s & marketing !

Great information!

Although I’m not the target audience, this is helpful info for someone looking to buy a house as well as those in the industry. The host is articulate and well-informed!

Amazing show

I love this podcast. It’s filled with great guests who share a unique perspective on real estate and how they have become successful. Tracy is a great host who is prepared, entertaining and keeps the conversation going. Well done!!

Great energy

I love this podcast. Hits home on all fronts.

Great Show

Tracy does his homework with guests and has a knack for picking out the most interesting things. I really enjoyed being on his show and what I thought was 20 minutes ended up being well over an hour. This is a must listen for those in the real estate industry


One of my new fav shows!

Exceptional Value in the Real Estate Industry

I’m so glad my friends Pete and Brenda Ruffing told me about this podcast! I’ve been listening to as many episodes as I can and so far every single one has provided a nugget or 5 for us to consider implementing in our brokerage. Thank you Tracy for all you are doing to make us all better!

The Realtor Mom

Loved getting interviewed by the best! Great time together, thank you for having me on your show!

A wealth of RE knowledge

Tracy knows his stuff. No one should wander into the murky world of real estate without becoming a student of this podcast

Putting the Excellence in Real Estate

I just listened to the first episode and was blown away. Tracey has an easy, comfortable style and his interview was very enlightening and fun to listen to. He asked great questions that drew out deeper wisdom from his guest. (No softballs here!) Tracey dug deep to get his guest to share what really makes her so successful. Lots of great takeaways. I’m a fan!