March 9, 2023

Brian Lunsford: Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Not just anyone can be an entrepreneur, but you can if you develop the proper mindset. It’s not just about the hustle and grind but about setting an example for a proper work culture for your business, finding the right people, and harmony in your...

Not just anyone can be an entrepreneur, but you can if you develop the proper mindset. It’s not just about the hustle and grind but about setting an example for a proper work culture for your business, finding the right people, and harmony in your life. This is what the home inspection serial entrepreneur Brian Lunsford is here to teach today on Real Estate Excellence.


Brian is a political science major who found his purpose in entrepreneurship when he first built a website for his father’s pest control company back in 2005, a step that single-handedly made the company grow to the point where it was bought by a Fortune 500 company. Today, Brian has founded and owned multiple businesses, one of which reached the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. He’s here to teach you the secrets to business growth.


Join us today in this exciting episode of Real Estate Excellence to learn what it takes to grow in a highly competitive industry!


[00:00 - 06:37] From Growing Up in Cony to Serial Entrepreneur and NFL Partner

• Brian Luxford owns three companies locally and is on the board of his wife's company.

• Brian and his wife are big Jacksonville Jaguars fans and have been involved with the team for three years.

• Being involved with the Jaguars has allowed Brian to be in rooms he would never have been in before, make deals he wouldn't have been able to, and connect with mentors.

• Growing up, Brian wanted to be a movie director.


[06:37 - 12:38] Brian’s Road Towards Entrepreneurship

• Brian became a sports producer at the fox affiliates in Atlanta and then majored in political science.

• He helped grow his father’s pest control company by building an internet website for it when companies being on the internet wasn’t the norm.

• He moved to Florida with his family and started Kingfish Home Inspections.


[12:38 - 18:47] How Moving Out of State and Starting a Business Led to Success

• Moving out of state was a decision made with passion and not fear.

• Making the first hire is difficult but necessary.

• Business is life, and life is business; there's never the right time to make a move.

• Hire people who are passionate about what they do and create a platform for them to succeed

• Bring joy to customers, team members, and realtor partners.

• Take chances and be willing to fail.


[18:47 - 25:00] Balancing Compensation for Pest Control Technicians

• Mistakes and setbacks have been experienced by Brian, such as not caring about the bottom line and worrying about making payroll.

• He made his first hiring process through Craigslist and some connections.

• Compensation must be balanced to pay employees what they're worth without overpaying.

•Hire the best professionals, pay them accordingly, and trust them to do their work.


[25:00 - 31:06] How Jacksonville World Producers are Helping Everyone Win

• Make friends with competitors and collaborate to mastermind projects.

• Market share is still available for all companies.

• Collaboration helps customers and realtors and makes the transaction smoother.

• Helping others will always turn around in a positive way for you.


[31:06 - 37:28] Balancing Work and Family Time for Long-Term Success

• Most home inspection companies are mom-and-pop shops, meaning very small businesses.

• Encourage team members to take time off and vacations so they will always perform their best.

• Balance of work and family time is important, and people who are good at what they do respect this.


[37:28 - 44:20] Staffing for Small Businesses in Fluid Industries

• The most important thing in any business is that customers see that you care and work on their behalf.

• When hiring, it's important to go with your intuition and not hire out of desperation.

• It's important to cut out any "cancer" on the team quickly.

• Your team will find a way to make it work when circumstances dictate.

• Gather data points from competitors and use them to build for scale.


[44:20 - 51:02] Finding Success Through Trusting and Investing in the Right People

• Hire the right people, even if it doesn't seem to make financial sense.

• Give staff the tools and authority to find a way to solve problems.

• Encourage team members to take care of their mental and physical health.

• Surround yourself with positive people.


[51:02 - 57:01] Harmony Over Hustle: How Diversification Helps Weather Uncertainty 

• Not everything is about hard work. You need to harmonize your life around your business to make it successful.

• Succesful people are normal people who just kept going until they succeeded.

• During uncertain times, you should allow yourself to develop new ideas and pivot.

• Diversification comes naturally as needs develop.


[57:01 - 01:02:51] Confidence in Team Members: Fostering a Positive Work Environment

• Be clear to your team members about exactly what your goals are and what their role is in fulfilling those goals.

• Conversations within leadership focus on scale, employees, market outlook, and targets, not so much on the business's day-to-day.

• Encourage disagreement and ideas, but expose them in a considerate and constructive manner.


[01:02:52 - 01:08:46] From the Trenches to the Top: Keeping Your Team Motivated

• Trust your employees to make decisions on the ground level.

• Hire the right person and encourage culture, education, and personal development.

• Hiring veterans for leadership positions can be great, as veterans gain experience for leadership in the trenches.


[01:08:46 - 01:15:05] Staying Away from Negativity and Encouraging Positive Living

• Showing up physically as an owner is important for team morale.

• Avoid negative news and politics.

• Take distance from people who don't bring joy.

• Surround yourself with motivated and caring people.


[01:15:05 - 01:21:21] Brian's Journey to Instill Values in His Kids

• Brian and his family focus on God and their children as their top priority.

• They try to instill the importance of service and giving back in their kids.

• They have exposed their children to charitable work and mission trips.

• Brian believes that focusing energy in the right spots is key to success.

• He encourages his children to take risks and not be afraid of failure.




“Picking up mentors is essential for growth. It has elevated our team, and it has elevated me as a leader and CEO of the company.” -Brian Lunsford


"There's never the right time. You just gotta make a move.” -Brian Lunsford


"It's harmony over hustle. Get out of your comfort zone, and work on your mind and your body. It’s about what you do the day before and the mindset you bring with you.” -Brian Lunsford


"We don't do anything with an agenda of I'm gonna do this, so he or she thinks this. But we do things fun, and we do team building activities organically, and it just turns out where that bond is made." -Brian Lunsford


"Stay away from the negativity as much as possible. Surround yourself with inspired people and that inspiration will rub on you.” -Brian Lunsford


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