Nov. 16, 2022

Dirk Schroeder and Marc Trimboli: Century 21 St Augustine Properties

Dirk Schroeder and Marc Trimboli: Century 21 St Augustine Properties

Today, we’re joined by Dirk Schroeder and Mark Trumbo. Dirk has been a Real Estate Professional in St. Augustine since 1984, who has handled just about every type of real estate transaction, including land development, joint ventures, and...

Today, we’re joined by Dirk Schroeder and Mark Trumbo. Dirk has been a Real Estate Professional in St. Augustine since 1984, who has handled just about every type of real estate transaction, including land development, joint ventures, and commercial, industrial, and business opportunities. Mark has worked in the business along with Dirk for about 25 years, eventually getting to create his own real estate company.


Both have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and today's episode is all about expanding one’s circle of influence. We'll be talking about how to build a network and increase one’s chances of selling property. We'll be discussing how to stay consistent and generate leads using various tools and techniques and teaching you how to create a successful career. 


Don't miss out on today's episode where you’ll be learning the secrets of how to get one step closer to achieving your dreams in real estate!

[00:01 - 07:43] Elite Agents Share Their Tips

  • Dirk Schroeder is the broker at St. Augustine Properties, and Mark Trumbo is an agent that Dirk has worked with for many years.
  • Dirk and Mark went to the same high school, and Dirk started his career as a broker at St. Augustine Properties shortly after graduating from high school.
  • Dirk's father was a silent partner in a real estate company that Dirk worked for before he started his own brokerage business.
  • Dirk took a class with Nancy Gentry at the Portales State Institute, passed the state exam, and got his broker’s license.


[07:43 - 15:06] Agent finds broker that matches ideals

  • In order to become a real estate agent, he took a real estate investing class and then interviewed several brokers.
  • He describes the cumbersome process of brokering properties in the 80s, before the internet and other new technologies emerged. 
  • He ended up signing with Dirk because he felt that Dirk was the best fit for him based on their conversation about his ideals for a family-oriented business.


[15:07 - 22:39] The Importance of a Good Broker

  • The importance of a good broker relationship: many agents say that the commission split means nothing if the broker isn't adding value.
  • Tracy recommends Dirk as a great broker because he is always available to answer questions and provides valuable training.
  • Technology has made it easier for agents to do their jobs, but it's important to have experienced brokers who can help guide them through complex transactions.


[22:39 - 30:00] Century 21's Massive Education Network Helps Agents Succeed

  • Century 21 is a large real estate company with many resources available online and in person.
  • Agents should be spending time in education to keep their skills sharp and be prepared for the market.
  • However, agents should also know when to stop focusing solely on learning and start doing actual work in the real estate business, as well as learn to manage their time to balance their work, education, and personal lives.
  • Agents should also attend local real estate events and meet other agents.


[30:00 - 37:33] Century 21 St. Augustine Properties Offers Tips for Agents in a Traditional Market

  • Dirk talks about how Century 21 has changed the real estate business and how he has adapted to multiple market conditions in his 38 years of experience.
  • Mark discusses how he is currently coaching agents to make offers that are stronger and more acceptable to sellers and to be consistent in their practices.
  • The guests remark how the market is currently stable but predict that there will be an increase in population in the next five years, which will lead to an increase in demand for real estate.


[37:33 - 45:13] Getting Agents to Do More Social Media

  • Dirk emphasizes education and ethics as key ingredients to success in the real estate industry
  • Social media is a major way the office tries to generate leads and stay in front of customers
  • Mark focuses on using YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms to market his business and educate clients.
  • Guests use the story of Patty Ketchum's mom sending her a card after her dad passed away, telling her to hire a real estate agent to sell the house, as an example of how to put a mental lock on clients through consistent marketing.


[45:13 - 52:40] Century 21 St. Augustine Properties offers agents education to stay ahead of the curve

  • In the 21st century, St. Augustine Properties is always challenging its agents with new education and training opportunities, according to Dirk.
  • St. Augustine Properties offers a variety of classes to help agents be knowledgeable and prepared for any real estate situation.
  • Dirk has been in the real estate industry for about 40 years, and he is still able to share his knowledge and experience with current agents.


[52:40 - 1:00:02] Airbnb is causing the housing crisis on St. Augustine Beach

  • There is a constant battle between people's existing property rights and the pressure from people who are in residential neighborhoods and are impacted by short-term rentals happening in their neighborhoods.
  • Mark talks about how the city has limited the area of St. Augustine Beach to no more than 100 permits for the short term as an example of possible necessary regulations for these types of properties.
  • St. John's County does not have any restrictions yet, but there are some forces that are trying to drive some legislation or at least for consideration to do some limitation on that.
  • Hosts say that short-term rentals used to be called hotels, referring to how services like Airbnb should be regulated.


[01:00:02 - 01:06:56] How to Stay in Front of Your Clients

  • Guests talk about how easy it is to find good rentals in St. Augustine if you put effort into looking around and staying in touch with clients.
  • They advise having a look at what the existing rental rates are wherever you're looking to invest while making sure that you're not overshooting.  

The importance of “old school ways” marketing is remarked on, as it can make agents and brokers stand out for potential clients.


[01:06:56 - 01:10:34] How to Succeed in Real Estate with Tracy Hay

  • Dirk likes using local publications outside St. Augustine records to cater to older folk who still like pen and paper. 
  • He also writes for the St. Augustine observer, not just for marketing purposes but for education.
  • DIck has written 52 articles for the St. Augustine Observer and Cliff Lockton's Beaches Journal.
  • He recommends joining a community of like-minded individuals to help expand your skills.



You can only go so far within your community, and then you gotta go outside of the community. You need to have connections worldwide, and you need to get a world-class education.” -Dirk Schroeder


You need to know when to actually stop taking classes and get to the important stuff.” - Dirk Schroeder


“There’s working on the business and working in the business. Working on the business is marketing, social media, and searching for leads. Working on the business is calling leads, showing up to houses, and making it to appointments. You need to spend around 20% of your time working on the business before you can work in the business.” -Mark Trumbo


Social media is great, but you also have to be consistent with the old-school ways. Get creative. Give a call to possible leads to ask them how they’re doing… People will remember you for this and give you a call.” - Mark Trumbo

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