Feb. 16, 2023

Elaine Morgin and Yahira Montano: The Elaine Morgin Team

This podcast episode features Elaine Morgin and Yahira Montano, two real estate professionals from Caldwell Banker Vanguard who have experienced success in the industry.   Elaine began her journey in the labor field working as a guest-service...

This podcast episode features Elaine Morgin and Yahira Montano, two real estate professionals from Caldwell Banker Vanguard who have experienced success in the industry.


Elaine began her journey in the labor field working as a guest-service manager at Disney World, where she learned how to deal with a diversity of customers and work in an extremely stressful and fast-paced environment. However, she found out that this type of job wasn't for her, and decided to enter the field of real estate. 


Having been successful enough to build her own team, Elaine was later joined by Yahira Montano, an outstanding master in social work from NYU, who had been a therapy provider before deciding to embark into the world of real estate. The widely different set of skills and personalities brought by Elaine and Yahira allowed them to become an extremely strong team, achieving incredible results, such as a record of 48 transactions per year during the last 3 years.


Join us to learn how Elained and Jahira grew together as a team to dominate the world of real estate!

[00:00 - 07:40] Elaine Morgin and Yahaira Montag's Journey to Real Estate Excellence

• Elaine Morgin and Yahaira Montano are real estate professionals with the Caldwell Banker Vanguard team

• Elaine's family has been in the real estate business for 38 years.

• Yahaira has a Master's degree from NYU and is a military relocation professional.

• Elaine is originally from Roseland, Indiana, and Yahaira is from the Bronx.

• Elaine spent 12 years as a guest service manager at Disney World.

• Elaine and Yahira's unique personalities complemented each other well.


[07:40 - 14:35] Taking the Walt Disney World Company's "If There's a Will, There's a Way" Mentality to Real Estate

• Close to graduating college, Elaine was accepted into Walt Disney World College Intern Program.

• She stayed there for 8 months and became a full-time employee.

• Her years of full-time employment led to management.

• She met her husband at a Bears and Jaguars game and married 7 months later.

• worked as a Guest Service Representative at Disney for 12 years.

• She implemented the Disney way into the real estate business: "If there's a will, there's a way."

• She believes in setting expectations and holding clients accountable.


[14:35 - 21:27] From Social Work to Real Estate: How One New Yorker Made the Leap and Found Success

• Yahira took a six-month sabbatical and found herself working in the service industry at Mercedes.

• Her family pressured her to leave New York for years and she eventually applied for a job in Jacksonville.

• She was interviewed via Skype and was offered the job on the spot.

• She started working for a private company doing transportation for the military.

• She had a conversation with her brother-in-law about real estate and decided to pursue it.

• She wanted to help people while also helping herself financially.

• The first step was to talk to real estate agents.


[21:27 - 28:06] Finding the Right Brokerage: Elaine's Story of Taking the Driver's Seat and Making It Work

• The importance of finding the right brokerage when starting out as a realtor.

• The need to interview around and find a "tribe" that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable.

• Elaine's experience of jumping into her first brokerage without doing any research.

• The challenge for brokers to continue to add value to their agents.

• Pete Dalton's vision and understanding of the need to stay ahead in order to succeed.


[28:06 - 35:08] Yahira's Story of Success: From Rentals to Referrals and Beyond

• Flexibility and tools are key to success in the business.

• Prospecting is the number one priority.

• Yahira had to have clear yearly plans in order to make her first sales in real estate.

• Finding the right partners was key to Yahira's success.

• Teaching newcomers to get referrals is a key part of building a team.

• Rentals are important for building a base for future customers.


[35:08 - 41:47] Working Together: The Benefits of Having a Mentor in Real Estate

• Partnership between Elaine and Ira, not an apprenticeship

• Ira is learning from Elaine and helping her with her customers

• Ira is a go-getter and has a background in counseling

• Ira's mentality is to help Elaine, not just herself

• High producers at Coldwell Banker are open to conversations about growth


[41:47 - 49:22] How a Young Person Can Show Engagement and Earn Respect

• Young people must be hungry and show they are engaged to succeed.

• Balance is important in order to achieve success.

• Being direct and purpose-driven is key to getting the job done.

• It is important to show that you care when being direct with people.


[49:22 - 56:00] Elaine's Straightforward Approach to Real Estate

• Elaine cares for and is straightforward with her clients.

• Realtors need to step up and lead.

• The necessity to educate people and not sugar coat.

• The difference between the one percenters and the 99 is the willingness to lead.

• Buy smart and do small things to make money.

• Why military families are great entrepreneurs.


[56:00 - 01:02:47] Exploring the Benefits of VA Loans for Military Relocation

• Military can be used as a stepping stone or for life, depending on the individual.

• Yahira's husband is passionate about nautical boats and will continue to tinker with them after retirement.

• Initial consultation with military relocation includes understanding the contract, financial security, and rights.

• A VA loan is 100% financing and has no down payment requirement.

• Sellers need to understand the benefits of a VA loan and that there are no repair requirements unless stated by an appraiser


[01:02:47 - 01:09:27] Elaine Key to Success: Going Above and Beyond for Clients

• Appraisers don't order a second opinion anymore.

• Showing up to appraisals and being prepared are important in order to have all the relevant information you need for clients.

• Realtors should be involved in the financial decision of buying a property, and give advice when necessary.

• Discipline, honesty, communication, and preparation are key to success.

• Why going above and beyond for clients is important.

• Going above and beyond means doing everything necessary for your clients to make the best possible decision.


[01:09:28 - 01:15:58] How to Be an Information Resource for Your Clients and Save Them Time

• Provide weekly updates for new constructions and act as if it's their own house for resale purchases.

• Catch everything to make sure the customer is informed even if they're not present

• Encourage the use of Google Earth to get up-to-date information.

• Provide details on neighborhoods, schools, commute times, parks, and beaches.

• Build a database of what customers need and where they have to go to work.


[01:15:58 - 01:22:33] The Power of Discipline: How Elaine's Morning Routine Helped Her Achieve Success in Real Estate

• Commute times are very important for clients.

• It's also important for an agent to know the lifestyle needs of clients.

• Discipline is key to success.

• Getting up before everyone else and working out every day was key to Elaine's success.

• Getting up early to exercise is an important activity to clear one's mind and have a better awareness.

• Accountability is vital to stay disciplined.




“Discipline and accountability beats motivation.” -Elaine Morgin 


“Being a resource, that is my number one thing. I want to be a resource for my clients." -Elaine Morgin 


"If there's a will, there's a way. There's always a negotiation. There's always a conversation. There's always the ability to get it done." -Elaine Morgin 


"If you no longer adding value to your agents or your clients, they're gonna look somewhere else." -Yahira Montano


“It’s not about who you know. It’s about who knows you.” -Yahira Montano


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