Feb. 23, 2023

Heather Monahan: Overcome Your Villains

In this episode of Real Estate Excellence, Heather Monahan shares her story of resilience and empowerment. After being fired from a successful executive position and signing an 18-month non-compete agreement, Heather shared her story on social media....

In this episode of Real Estate Excellence, Heather Monahan shares her story of resilience and empowerment. After being fired from a successful executive position and signing an 18-month non-compete agreement, Heather shared her story on social media. Her post went viral, leading to an interview on Elvis Duran's show, which was a turning point in her journey. She eventually became the chairperson of the company due to the owner's ill health. Despite facing opposition, Heather used her intelligence and inner voice to remain positive and make a success of her career.


During the conversation, Heather talks about the importance of listening to our own voice instead of the opinions of others. This podcast episode not only teaches us how to be successful but also encourages us to learn to be confident by understanding fear, embracing gratitude, and journaling our successes. 


Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will motivate you to recognize patterns, build action plans, and remove villains from your life to create a life that brings joy and contentment.

[00:00 - 07:13] Heather's Story of Overcoming Adversity and Reaching the C-Suite

• Everyone needs to be on a level playing field, not putting some people up and some people below.

• Heather's story of being fired and how she chose to post about it despite the noise from everyone around her.

• How she was blacklisted from awards for years due to certain people in the industry.

• Her personal brand was getting bigger than the company she worked for, which led to her being fired.


[07:13 - 13:50] Overcoming Fear and Taking Massive Action

• Heather had to sign an 18-month non-compete non-solicit, which meant she had to leave the company and could not compete in that industry for 18 months.

• She posted 24 hours later asking for help, which went viral and landed her on the Elvis Duran show.

• Confidence is not a static thing and can be found in different areas of life.


[13:51 - 20:25] Why You Shouldn’t Take Advice From Those Who Haven't Been There

• Fear is something outside of you, not inside of you.

• Confidence is an intrinsic knowing that things will work out.

• Someone who hasn’t been to a place cannot guide you there.

• Don't apologize for things that weren't intentional. Instead, adopt a gratitude mindset.


[20:26 - 26:29] Overcoming Villains and Building Confidence

• How to start expressing gratitude instead of self-blame.

•The difference between obvious villains and sneaky villains.

• Why you should measure your confidence level in different situations.

• Journaling to document life events, action steps, and patterns.


[26:29 - 32:52] Claiming Shame and Overcoming Self-Defeating Thoughts

• Noticing patterns and building action plans to address them

• Removing negative patterns and people from life.

• Documenting unexpected miracles and joys to build momentum.

• Overcoming self-confidence issues by claiming shame and flipping the script


[32:53 - 40:04] The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

• Struggles can be a gift, even though they don't feel like it at the moment.

• Everyone should be on a level playing field and not put people on pedestals.

• Heather was asked to teach at Harvard and realized that she could bring a unique flavor to the students.

• Arrogance is the ultimate lack of confidence and self-doubt.


[40:04 - 46:29] Lead with Good Intention, and Don't Worry About What Others Think

• Heather announced she was writing a book on Elvis Duran's show, even though she wasn't. 

• This was a process of reverse-engineered self-accountability.

• She gave herself a year to publish the book but managed to do it in 5 months.

• If you are sure of what you are doing, you shouldn’t worry about what others think or say.


[46:29 - 52:54] How to Shift the Current and Pull Opportunities Toward You

• Learned from the pandemic that you can't plan out the next 10 years of life.

• Uses post-its, reminders, morning practice, colors, music, and visualizing to feel confident

• Leverages frequency sales to drive home messaging.

• Attract business by creating content that falls under the umbrella of your brand.


[52:54 - 59:10] Women Should Support Each Other and Hold Each Other Accountable

• To get the most return on investment, it is important to focus on the platform that will give you the best results.

• Content should be created to answer questions people are asking and add value to their lives.

• Women empowering women is a movement, but those who practice it are more successful than those who just use the hashtag.

• Women empowerment groups are great, but some women purposely drag other women down, and they should be held accountable.




"Confidence is the one thing that changes everything."  -Heather Monahan


"Never take direction from someone who hasn't been where you're going.” -Heather Monahan


"When you start thanking the other person for their patience instead of apologizing, you start coming from a place of gratitude and make it all about them instead of making it about you.” -Heather Monahan


"The biggest fix for my worthiness issue was when I decided to claim my shame and stop allowing my shame to claim me. When I flipped the script on shame, my worthiness was off the charts." -Heather Monahan


“Arrogance and confidence are not the same thing. As a matter of fact, arrogance is the ultimate form of self-doubt and lack of confidence.” -Heather Monahan


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