Jan. 13, 2023

Heather Strazinsky and Danielle Rodriguez: River2Ocean Realty

Heather Strazinsky and Danielle Rodriguez: River2Ocean Realty

Business partnerships in real estate can be highly profitable when successful, but are often short-lived due to egos clashing, disagreements, lack of communication, or differences in interests. Heather Kazinski and Danielle Rodriguez, the dynamic duo...

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Business partnerships in real estate can be highly profitable when successful, but are often short-lived due to egos clashing, disagreements, lack of communication, or differences in interests. Heather Kazinski and Danielle Rodriguez, the dynamic duo behind River2Ocean Realty, have managed to maintain a successful partnership for almost a decade.

With a client-first approach to the real estate business, and valuing support, personal development, relationships and growth over raw profits, they have built a business that is not only sustainable but provides real value to everyone involved.


Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence to learn how a true business partnership is built!


[00:00 - 07:15] Heather Kazinski and Danielle Rodriguez Share their Secrets to Success

  • Heather and Danielle are two successful real estate agents in northeast Florida.
  • They have formed their own brokerage, River2Ocean Realty.
  • Heather got into real estate after needing to meet people for another business she had.
  • Danielle was motivated by her love for helping people and the challenge of dealing with different issues in each transaction.
  • It took them seven to eight weeks to come up with the name River to Ocean Realty, which encompasses power, strength, knowledge, and branding.


[07:15 - 14:05] How River2Ocean is Setting Itself Apart in the Real Estate Industry

  • The team's unique niche is organic growth
  • They take the best parts from each brokerage they've worked with to deliver a full service.
  • Communication is key to their success.
  • Keeping clients abreast of what's happening throughout the process is key to helping them make good decisions.


[14:05 - 21:15] A Story of How Heather and Dannielle Put Clients First

  • How Heather and Danielle encouraged a client not to sell her house, as she would have ended up homeless.
  • How Heather and Danielle reduced their commission and provided food and animal care for their client.
  • Why it’s important to focus on helping people with their needs and why it is always a priority.
  • Stay up to date on industry trends and changes by focusing on education, reading articles, talking to lenders, etc.


[21:15 - 27:58] River2Ocean: Taking the Real Estate Industry by Storm

  • Be proactive and keep learning.
  • Choose a brokerage that best meets your needs.
  • Follow a successful agent to get a real picture of what the day-to-day is like.
  • Ask questions about the broker's training, niche, and what they offer.
  • Look for brokerages that provide different angles and opinions.


[27:58 - 34:33] Embrace the Real Estate Community to Reach Success

  • Marathon analogy used to describe the company's approach to growth.
  • Why River2Ocean is not looking to be "bigger and better" but happy to grow when circumstances change.
  • Different levels of experience require different approaches.
  • Both experienced and new agents need knowledge and growth.


  • Agents need to interview brokers and vice versa. 
  • Collaboration is key. The rising tide raises all boats.


[34:33 - 41:35]  Motivation, Consistency, and Knowing Your Niche

  • Essential qualities for success in real estate include motivation, consistency, and humility.
  • Persistence overcomes resistance.
  • Don't take rejections personally.
  • Finding a broker and a marketing/prospecting niche is important.
  • It's hard to find the right system that works for you - you have to bring it all together and figure out what works best.


[41:35 - 48:30] The Keys to Consistent Lead Generation Success

  • 30 days of pain is a lead generation system that follows up with leads until they answer.
  • Marky Lemons Rahal adds 6-8 names to her CRM every day.
  • Consistency is key. Even if someone says no, they may reach out later.
  • Time blocking and staying organized are important for success.
  • Prospecting is a key money-making activity.


[48:30 - 55:19] Communication, Trust, and Respect: The Key to Lasting Relationships

  • Why communication, trust, and respect are key to successful partnerships.
  • Talk every single day, even if you do not see each other.
  • Have each other's phone numbers on voicemail for emergencies.
  • Understand who is good at what and let them do it.
  • Open up tasks in CRM every day and follow up with contacts.
  • Be conscious and don’t let the other person down.
  • Don’t think about what’s in it for you, but what you can give and how you can grow from it. 


[55:19 - 01:58] How Heather and Danielle Have Stayed Together for Years

  • Respect and raw honesty are key to their successful relationship.
  • They introduce their roles to clients upfront.
  • They have a showing agent to ensure clients never miss an opportunity.
  • They communicate everything to the client and organize their thoughts and process.


[01:58 - 08:35] Networking and Financial Planning

  • Networking is an important part of building a successful business in real estate.
  • Building relationships and trust with others is key to success.
  • Financial aspects such as budgeting and forecasting are essential to success.
  • Setting aside money for taxes is important.
  • Learning from experienced agents can help new agents get off to a great start.


[08:35 - 15:21] Common Mistakes Made and How to Avoid Them

  • Common mistakes made by less successful agents include trying to be like other agents and not taking the time to learn or research.
  • Agents should focus on being themselves and never stop learning, researching, and attending classes.
  • Agents should take safety classes from MLS and be aware of potentially dangerous situations.
  • Agents should listen to their intuition and get out of a situation if it does not feel right.
  • Agents should use an app such as Forewarn to check the identity of people they are meeting with.


[15:21 - 19:29] Expand Your Inner Circle and Pursue Real Estate Excellence

  • Take valuables and expensive items away from the house when kids are playing
  • Don't have your schedule on the wall
  • Don't put children's names on their backpacks
  • Knowledge is key to achieving confidence in business
  • It is a combination of who you know and what you know.
  • River2Ocean encompasses North Florida to St. Johns Riveras Orlando.




"Take all the time in the world to learn. Never stop learning, never stop going to classes, never stop researching things." -Heather Kazinski


“Knowledge is key. Knowledge is everything. And especially with your client, that is the best way to achieve any kind of confidence in yourself and whether you're in it for a year or you're in it for 10 years." -Danielle Rodriguez


"99% of problems can be solved by communication." -Heather Kazinski


"You gotta be proactive. You're not gonna get to it all. But you gotta keep moving forward in your education all the time and grabbing those classes. -Danielle Rodriguez

Make sure to follow Heather and Danielle’s team on social media to make touch with them and learn all about what they’re doing in their business: 


https://www.instagram.com/teamheatheranddanielle/ https://www.facebook.com/TeamHeatherandDanielle https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5my3HBfHGhcnk4hIyr7h5w https://www.tiktok.com/@teamheatheranddanielle


Learn more about River2Ocean by following Danielle and Heather’s official website:



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