Feb. 9, 2023

Jordan Feria and Lindsey O’Steen: The Feria Team

On this week’s episode of the Real Estate Excellence podcast, host Tracy Hayes is joined by Jordan Feria and Lindsay O’Steen, a dynamic duo from Keller Williams Atlantic Partners. They share their story of how they met, joined forces, and grew...

On this week’s episode of the Real Estate Excellence podcast, host Tracy Hayes is joined by Jordan Feria and Lindsay O’Steen, a dynamic duo from Keller Williams Atlantic Partners. They share their story of how they met, joined forces, and grew into a successful real estate team. 


Jordan and Lindsay discuss their journey in the real estate industry, including their dedication to hard work and customer service, overcoming the fear of being on video and embracing it as a way to reach potential clients, and the psychological battle that comes with being an agent. They also share details of their recent move to Keller Williams Atlantic Partners and their plans for growing their team in the future.


This episode provides valuable insight for agents looking to improve their business through networking, collaboration, and staying up-to-date on the changing market. 


Listen now to learn how two friends turned hard work into success in the real estate world!

[00:00 - 06:26] Jordan Feria and Lindsay O’Steen Teach You How to Improve Your Real Estate Business

• Jordan Feria and Lindsay O’Steen of the fairy team of Keller Williams Atlantic Partners.

• They built Orange Park, Florida's most successful real estate team, shattering records in 2022.

• Jordan and Lindsay recently moved to Keller Williams Atlantic Partners, one of Florida’s most successful real estate companies.

• Jordan has been in real estate for 3.5 years and Lindsay for 2 months before they created the team. 

• Today, they have almost 10 years of combined experience in real estate. 

• Service industry ideology mindset is beneficial for understanding people and succeeding in the real estate industry.


[06:26 - 12:58] Story of Hard Work, Faith, and Overcoming Struggles

• Both Lindsay and Jordan grew up with the mindset of working hard for what they wanted.

• They bonded over their commonalities, such as bartending and being Christians.

• They have both experienced struggle in their lives, which drives them to work hard.

• Melissa Ricks was discussed as an example of someone who has earned success but still feels the need to keep working hard.

• Real estate agents must put in the work to be successful, as money is always 30-45 days away.


[12:58 - 19:44] How Jordan and Tracy Bonded Over Fitness and Faith

• Stop worrying about what people think of you and focus on helping your clients.

• Your biggest critic will be your friends and family, but keep showing up.

• Model or “shadow” someone who has been where you want to be.

• Be open to learning from others.

• Keller Williams was chosen because it allowed them to branch out into different markets while not losing anything.


[19:45 - 26:16] How Two Real Estate Agents Tag Team Difficult Clients and Situations

• Working out is an outlet for stress.

• Jordan and Lindsay lean on each other during difficult times in their real estate business.

• Buyers don't always realize the way agents get paid, so it’s good to have a backup for things like vacations and rest.

• Lindsay and Jordan shadowed each other at the beginning of their careers, which allowed them to become a great team.

• Tag team clients with mutual friends.

• Work on each other's open houses.


[26:16 - 32:42]  Working Hard and Taking Mental Breaks Together

• Jordan and Lindsay cover for each other when one of them is out of town.

• They are not opposed to adding to their team but want to make sure it's the right fit.

• They do a lot of events throughout the year for their clientele.

• They are looking for someone who is willing to work as hard as they do and do open houses every weekend.

• They have big things in store for this year and personal goals they are encouraging each other to reach.

• In the long term, they would love to have a bigger team so they can manage and grow it together.


[32:42 - 39:19] The Benefits of Hiring an Assistant Before Adding Another Agent

• Being in touch and developing relationships with other agents is always good, even if you don’t work together, because you can refer each other. 

• When businesses get too busy, they need extra agents and admin staff to help with the back office.

• It is recommendable to an admin before a teammate so that the admin can take care of the office work while you dedicate more time to clients and leads.

• Jordan and Lindsay both agree that having faith in the business is important when hiring an admin since you have to pay a salary even if your income isn’t always stable.

• Transaction coordinators can work by the deal or share an admin with another agent.


[39:19 - 46:00] Unique Strategies and Techniques Used by Top Agents to Stand Out

• Transaction coordinators and admin assistants have different roles.

• Admin assistants can do more than transaction coordinators, such as planning events and helping with social media.

• Agents are increasingly outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants.

• Streamlined Media offers services to help brands generate content that converts.

• Top agents are leveraging virtual assistants to save money on payroll and health insurance.

• Staying consistent with branding is important, even when the market changes.


[46:00 - 52:47] How Listing Agents Are Setting Themselves Apart in Clay County

• Listings are gold in Clay County due to the more affordable price point.

• Taxes have increased in Clay County since the tax bill in November.

• Jordan and Lindsay set themselves apart by using social media to tell their story, do market updates, and post family pictures.

• They go the extra mile with their listings by doing things such as videos, top-of-the-line pictures, staging, decluttering, and landscaping.

• They will help clean houses if needed for an open house or closing.

• Buyer's agents should show up early to a house to make sure it is presentable for buyers.


[52:47 - 59:28] Strategies and Techniques to Thrive as a Woman in the Industry

• Market to certain age groups.

• Attend events, join mom's groups, and socialize with people.

• Wear shirts advertising your profession.

• Meet people everywhere you go and leave your card.

• Tip well at restaurants.

• Join a gym membership.

• Differentiate between hugging and handshaking, and know when to do each.


[59:28 - 01:05:36] How Lindsay and Jordan Balance Work and Family Life

• Lindsay, Jordan, and Tracy quote examples from how great real estate agents use their time off.

• Billy Wagner uses 30 minutes of alone time to let his mind catch up.

• Robert Sos has a family meeting where he takes time off being the chairman of his company’s board.

• Scheduling appointments and taking time for yourself is important.

• Taking trips with family is important to fill yourself back up.

• Paige, Jordan and Lindsay’s assistant, will have to answer all the phones while they take a cruise without cell phones.


[01:05:36 - 01:12:09] Building Generational Wealth: Justin and Lindsay's Investments in Real Estate

• Building generational wealth for kids through investment properties.

• Taking advantage of the changing market for investing opportunities.

• Flipping two houses and buying three investment properties with renovations in the past year.

• Giving some advice to have everything lined up prior to closing on a property, including quotes for renovations.

• Building in a margin of error when flipping a house.

• Having a videographer on the next flip to document the process.


[01:12:09 - 01:18:06] Exploring the Benefits of Investing in Rental Properties

• Jordan and her partner went from having no rentals to owning a duplex.

• Agents need to have the confidence to talk to investors.

• There is a website that can calculate rental investments.

• The goal is to leave something for their kids when they turn 18.

• Maintenance of investment properties is minimal compared to cash value.

• Flips are short-term but need careful margin management.

• Home prices have stabilized, and sellers are getting impatient.

• Lower market homes sell quickly.


[01:18:06 - 01:24:24] Clay County Raising Taxes to Accommodate Infrastructure

• Houses that are waterfront are selling quickly.

• Buyers are adjusting to the market rate.

• Green Cove Springs is going to be booming in the next 20 years with a new bridge coming in.

• Clay County schools are stepping up and opening new schools.

• Taxes have gone up to prepare for infrastructure needs.

• New construction is happening, and St. John's County is still a great location.


[01:24:24 - 01:30:52] Collaborating with Agents to Grow Your Real Estate Business

• Interest rates have slowed down, leading to less community hopping.

• Technology has been a big factor in real estate decisions.

• It is important to be in the office and build relationships with other agents.

• Collaborating with others on social media can help expand your network.

• Being perceived as an expert is key to success in the real estate industry.


[01:30:53 - 01:34:42] Pursue Real Estate Excellence: Connect with the Best of the Best and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

• Collaborating and learning from other top agents is essential for success.

• Referrals are the best compliment for an agent.

• Keep getting up, even if you fail multiple times.

• Shadowing a top agent is a great way to learn and grow.

• Hard work and consistency are key to success.




“If you are scared of putting yourself out there or afraid of coming off as salesy, I’m sorry, but this business might not be for you. You gotta give it your all to stay at the top in real estate.” -Lindsay O’Steen


"You gotta humble yourself to stay in this business. If you’re not willing to do open houses every weekend or at all, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Real estate is about hard work.” -Jordan Feria 


"We're always gonna do a video, we're always gonna do the top of the nine pictures, and if there needs to be staging, we're gonna do it. It’s the little things that set you apart and ultimately bring you the sales.” -Lindsay O’Steen


"It’s essential to always keep your knowledge up to date so you can add value to your clients. You can't pour from an empty cup, so you have to fill yourself back up." -Jordan Feria 


"They can knock you down, but they can't knock you out. Get back up." -Lindsay O’Steen

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