March 7, 2023

Julia Almstead: The Julia Almstead Team

What sets apart those who succeed in the highly competitive real estate business from those who don’t? Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence to get the answer from one of the top-performing realtors from the highly prestigious brokerage...

What sets apart those who succeed in the highly competitive real estate business from those who don’t? Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence to get the answer from one of the top-performing realtors from the highly prestigious brokerage Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners, Julia Almsteed.


With over one decade of experience as a high-performing realtor, Julia currently serves some of the most competitive areas in the US, including the Northeast Florida coastline and surrounding areas. She has a profound understanding of how the real estate business works and how you can succeed in it, and she’s joining Tracy today to share that knowledge with you.


Tune in to learn the ins and outs of how to succeed as a real estate professional from one of the absolute best!


[00:00 - 07:41] From Painter's Contractor to Top 500 Florida Agent

• Julia Almsteed is a top 500 real estate agent in Northeast Florida.

• She recently became the secretary on the board at St. Augustine, St. John's Board of Realtors.

• Her team was number one at Keller Williams Atlantic Partners in December, with over 3.5 million in volume.

• She was a design coordinator and owner's rep for a new construction development community.


[07:41 - 14:23] How to Develop Confidence and Overcome Fear as an Agent

• Julia hung her license with a neighbor of hers called John Martin, who was a broker.

• After getting her license, Julia started calling different brokerages, and some didn’t even respond, but she persisted.

• Julia’s first boss, Anne, called her and offered her the chance to work and train at a brokerage.

• Julia was scared about not closing a deal in her first six months, but mentorship helped her push through.

• Learning from more experienced realtors is essential to developing confidence as a realtor.


[14:24 - 20:49] Protect Your Name: How Owning Your Domain Name Can Help You Grow in Sales

• Daring to do things is important in sales, and mistakes are expected.

• Training is necessary to learn the systems and how to talk to customers.

• Fear is a liar, and being uncomfortable is a green light to move forward.

• Develop relationships with customers and advertise your name.

• Buy your own domain name to protect it from others.


[20:49 - 27:55] How to Brand Yourself and Utilize a CRM System for Maximum Results

• Leveraging the tools of a CRM and using it religiously is key to success in the real estate business.

• Training offered by brokerages such as Keller Williams, Re/max, and Berkshire Hathaway is intense and useful.

• Apply the 8 by 8 principle: contact 8 people by 8 in the morning each day.


[27:55 - 34:37] The Secret to Success: Answer Your Phone and Utilize Your CRM

• Answering the phone is one of the biggest secrets in this business.

• 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers.

• Staying in touch with past customers gives you more repeat business than you realize.

• Use the Ford ME Method (family, occupation, recreation, and dreams) when speaking to contacts.


[34:37 - 42:21] Investing in Your Team: The Benefits of Hiring an Assistant

• Use a notepad to take notes during calls and appointments.

• Invest in education and training for team members.

• Success attracts talent, but you need to put systems in place to take advantage of that talent.

• Your First hire should be an assistant, not a transaction coordinator.

• Read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book by Gary Keller for advice on growing a team.


[42:21 - 48:58] Learn From the Best: How to Build a Successful Real Estate Team

• Once you hit a certain number of deals a year, you must recruit help.

• You need to have systems and expectations in place early on.

• Some teams have conditions for members to stay, such as reaching a quota on sales or leads.

• Each team works differently. The important thing is to have a clear system and a clear culture that works for members to follow.


[48:58 - 55:37] How to Deal With Clients: Take the High Road and Stay Professional

• Always take the high road and stay professional when dealing with clients. 

• Don't get angry or upset about losing deals. Use it as an opportunity to move on to the next one.

• Focus on service and how you can help someone, not the money.

• Everyone has their own business practices, and it is important to respect that.

• Build relationships with clients, as they could be your next referral.

• Have a team of professionals, such as mortgage brokers and inspectors, to help you in your business.


[55:37 - 01:02:33] Tips for Real Estate Professionals and Pet Peeves to Avoid

• Treat real estate like a business and have the right mindset.

• Show up and create momentum.

• Attend broker's opens, training events, and model homes to build relationships.

• Keep emotions out of transactions.

• Document conversations and emails to keep records.


[01:02:33 - 01:09:20] 3 Must-Dos for New Real Estate Agents: Consistency, Dedication, and Patience

• Consistency, dedication, and patience are key characteristics of successful real estate agents.

• For new agents, three must-dos are: let everyone know you are a real estate professional, post yourself on social media platforms, and create content of value.

• Additionally, use the Ford Method to create conversations with contacts and use LinkedIn to stay up to date on job changes.

• Lastly, educate yourself and take advantage of free tricks like posting 150 photos on Google for a higher ranking.


[01:09:20 - 01:15:45] Consistency is Key: How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business

• Educate yourself as much as possible to stay credible

• Social media is important for consistency and connection with potential customers.

• Posting on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can increase traffic and connections.

• Keep in contact with people from your past on social media - you never know who’s watching.

• Don’t get too lost in marketing and website design - focus on selling.


[01:15:45 - 22:52] Get the Most Return on Investment with Facebook Ads

• Having relationships and talking to people is key to getting business.

• Marketing strategy: running Facebook ads, targeting customers based on what they view, and setting up automatic listing alerts.

• Using to see where people are moving from.

• Gary Keller's formula for success: prospecting in the morning and service in the afternoon.

• Find the right brokerage that fits your needs.




"You have to be uncomfortable to grow. If you're not feeling uncomfortable, then you're not growing."


"Just answer your phone. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten new customers, sellers, listings, whatever, just from answering the phone."


"Success attracts talent. So whenever you start becoming successful in a business, people will call you, and you won’t even have to look for them.”


“Having a strong foundation is key to building a successful team. You need to create and practice the working culture that you want your teammates and employees to have.” 


“Don’t get upset if you lose a deal. That’s your opportunity to take the next one.”


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