March 14, 2023

Loida Velasquez: Social Media = Creditability and Trust

Content creation can be your best tool for generating leads and sales as a realtor. However, it’s not enough to just be on social media. You need content that adds value and converts, and that’s what Loida Velasquez is here to teach us today....

Content creation can be your best tool for generating leads and sales as a realtor. However, it’s not enough to just be on social media. You need content that adds value and converts, and that’s what Loida Velasquez is here to teach us today.


Loida Velasquez is a top realtor at Team BC, one of the most prestigious real estate brokerages in America. She also has a YouTube Channel with over 87,000 subscribers and an Instagram account with over 30,000 followers. She’s known to be one of the most successful agents in leveraging social media to build a client network.


Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence podcast to learn how to turn your social media into a tool to generate credibility and trust.


[00:00 - 07:40] Loida Velasquez's Vision for Social Media and Real Estate Agents

• Loida Velasquez is an amazing real estate agent and content producer with over 87,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 30,000 Instagram followers.

• Before that, she worked for 8 years in marketing and advertising.

• She is hosting an in-person new agent boot camp on Friday, March 10th, to help agents that are new in the business or have been in the business for some time. 


[07:40 - 14:39] The Importance of Choosing the Right Brokerage

• Real estate can be a great career option for young people, even without a college degree.

• It is possible to start making money in real estate in your early thirties.

• It is important to ask questions and interview potential brokerages to find the best fit for your needs.

• The first 12 months of starting a real estate business can be difficult, but with the right support, it can be successful.


[14:39 - 21:37] Advice for New Real Agents: Leave Your Comfort Zone and Make Those Calls!

• Loida needed to be disciplined with a schedule to succeed. 

• Door knocking and cold calling were uncomfortable initially, but the key to developing confidence. 

• You don't want to waste time with unrealistic or disrespectful people.

• Roleplaying is a very useful way of practicing before approaching leads and clients. 


[21:37 - 28:43] From Cold Calling to Team BC Top Agent

• Succeeding in a call is about finding the pain point for a client.

• Be straightforward and ask open-ended questions.

• Use pattern interrupts and be sharp.

• Loida became a top agent at Team BC by mastering the basics. 


[28:43 - 36:23] 3 Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent

• Three qualities of a successful real estate agent: 

• Commitment

• Communication

• Openness to learning

• Consistently putting out content on social media every week can be a great way to get leads.


[36:24 - 43:28] How YouTube Can Help Realtors Succeed

• YouTube is a searchable library, making it more useful than other platforms.

• Creating successful content makes you perceived as an authority in your field.

• Fear of judgment from friends and family, as well as feeling like they are not an expert, are common fears preventing agents from creating content.

[43:28 - 50:33] Reaching Out to the Hispanic Community

• Incorporate your personality and interests into your content.

• Creating bilingual content can help build relationships with Spanish-speaking audiences.

• TikTok is a great platform for educational content, and Hispanic audiences use it the most. 

• DIfferent platforms yield different results for different target audiences.


[50:33 - 57:55] Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate Agents

• The Spanish-speaking consumer was more active on TikTok than on YouTube.

• Long-form content gets fewer viewers but more subscribers. 

• Loida scripts out 10-minute videos and uses a teleprompter.

• She cross-posts 45-second videos across multiple platforms

• Post one video a week on YouTube, use it as a playlist and repurpose it for newsletters.


[57:55 - 01:04:46] Turning Social Media Leads Into Real Estate Referrals

• Focus on YouTube and Instagram for lead generation.

• Clients are mostly found on Facebook and Instagram.

• Have a call to action set up in social media posts.

• Videos where you don’t show your face can still be successful, but showing it can create a stronger bond.




"Making those calls and getting outside of my comfort zone is what got me to the level that I'm at now.” -Loida Velasquez


"The one thing that sets apart successful real estate agents is being a hundred percent committed because that’s what’s going to make you push through tough situations.” -Loida Velasquez


“The main reason I see why people don’t succeed at making content is that they get in their own way because they think they’re not pretty or smart or knowledgeable enough to make content, but that’s not what makes you succeed.” -Loida Velasquez


"Consistency is key once you start consistently showing up on people's feeds and just being authentic. That's when people organically start reaching out." -Loida Velasquez


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