Jan. 3, 2023

Marki Lemons: Social Selling Made Simple

Marki Lemons: Social Selling Made Simple

Social media is one of the most important lead-generation tools for realtors today. However, it’s not always easy for realtors, even if they’ve got a lot of experience in the business, to make their social media platforms work in their favor....

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Social media is one of the most important lead-generation tools for realtors today. However, it’s not always easy for realtors, even if they’ve got a lot of experience in the business, to make their social media platforms work in their favor.


This is why Marki Lemons dedicates herself to helping realtors optimize their social media strategies, allowing them to gain up to 2,863% ROI on their marketing investments.


Marki Lemons is a Real Estate Keynote Speaker, International Bestselling Author, and Podcast Host of Social Selling Made Simple. She has an MBA in education and 64 university certifications, designations, and licenses in real estate and social media marketing. She travels around the world sharing her knowledge and has benefited over 500,000 students throughout her career.


Tune in to learn more about Marki’s teaching methods and social media marketing strategies for realtors, and gain the knowledge that will boost your social media content’s reach.



[00:00 - 07:51] Marki Lemons: Leveraging Social Media for Lead Generation 

  • Introducing our guest, Marki Lemons, a real estate keynote speaker, international bestselling author, member of the Chicago Association of Realtors, podcast host, and creator of real estate educational courses.
  • She has earned numerous awards and has been featured in Forbes Washington Postholmes.com realtor Magazine CBS News Chicago, and she holds over 50 real estate-related licenses, certifications, and designations.
  • Marki explains how leveraging landing pages, call to action, and video can bring you 4,800 new contacts per year.


[07:51 - 15:49] Understanding Your Target Audience and Staying Out in Front of the Curve

  • Marki speaks about how her career goal at 17 was to own her own business and be the best in her field of study.
  • The importance of being able to say no, even if you have a strong work ethic.
  • Journaling and reading as a form of personal and professional development.
  • Why Marki is eliminating platforms like Twitter, Clubhouse, Snapchat, and TikTok as they are not preferred locations of her target audience.


[15:49 - 24:02] From Loan Originator to Real Estate Agent: Leveraging Business Plans to Succeed

  • Shifting spheres of influence to sell more expensive houses.
  • Identifying problems in the 45-54 age bracket to retire successfully.
  • How hiring a copywriting expert can be a good way to increase your leads and sales. 
  • treated real estate like a business with a business plan and database
  • set money aside for retirement


[24:02 - 31:53] "Creating Content: Leveraging Technology and Adapting to Succeed in Real Estate"

  • How Marki developed a business plan and database of 100 people before entering real estate.
  • Using direct mail, candy bars, classified ads, house values, billboards, and bus benches to promote business
  • How to leverage technology and adapt to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Why participating in podcasts can be a great way to promote yourself and your business.


[31:53 - 39:59] Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Generate Content That Converts

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to create content that converts
  • Using chat GPT to generate learning objectives, book titles and subtitles, book introductions, property descriptions, and more.
  • Creating content with controversial titles to increase views.
  • Repurposing content for multiple platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok)


[39:59 - 48:32] Tips for Consistent Content Creation and Branding

  • How to leverage existing businesses to make them better.
  • Use Google Trends to find trending topics.
  • Create content that solves consumer problems, not glamor shots.
  • Use Pick Pctory to create faceless videos for social media platforms
  • Consistency is key; post videos with or without your face.
  • Get analytics to compare the success of your videos.


[48:33 - 56:48] Increase Visibility and Authority in Real Estate with Social Selling Made Simple 

  • The only way to outsource social media is if you are willing to create video content.
  • The SCED model: Develop a style, build a community, gain experience, and collect data.
  • Video content is the only way for real estate professionals to stand out.
  • Facebook Live is a great platform for creating videos without editing.
  • Authenticity is key when creating video content.


[56:48 - 01:04:49] Unlock Your Real Estate Success with Marki’s Written Guide

  • How Marki wrote "The Modern Real Estate Professionals Guide to Success" and another 6 internationally best-selling books. 
  • How her books have taught agents to leverage social media for lead generation.
  • Using an 8x8 strategy to maximize the audiences your content reaches.
  • Why it’s important to follow up with a call to action, such as a birthday coupon.


[01:04:49 - 01:13:12] Incorporating Community into Social Media Marketing for Realtors


  • Why Marki ran a classified ad every day, allowing her to gain 6 telephone calls per day on average.
  • Leveraging CRM to send emails and post on social media platforms.
  • How to use social media content and emails to generate consistent leads. 
  • Incorporating community and real life into social media posts.


[01:13:13 - 01:21:03] Who You Know vs. What You Know, and Show’s Conclusions


  • Video content is the best form of content to create for social media.
  • Consistency is key when creating content.
  • Six Figure Realtor Workshop provides monthly masterminds, weekly tutorials, and podcast previews
  • Common challenges discussed in the workshop include fear of video, lack of business plan/strategy, and not generating enough leads
  • It is important to find something to share and become an expert in.
  • The most important thing, along with your learning, is to surround yourself with capable and well-connected people.




"You have to work in and on your business every single day. And what I'm asking for is one hour per day to strategically reach out and update your database. Period." -Marki Lemons 


“My 500,000 plus students consistently rank me 5 out of 5 as a speaker due to my in-depth knowledge and entertaining training style.” -Marki Lemons 


“When I was 17, I wrote down my goals in life, which were to have my own business and be the best at the field I would work at. I didn’t know exactly what I was gonna do, but I knew I wanted to be the best. That’s why I only take jobs where I know I will be the best.” -Marki Lemons 


“Writing your learning objectives is one of the key aspects of real estate education. You need to write exactly what you want to achieve for your learning to be focused and concrete.” -Marki Lemons 


Life is too short to spend it worrying about things you can't control." -Marki Lemons 


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