Feb. 21, 2023

Miranda Ferreira: The best decision the universe made for me

Miranda Ferreira: The best decision the universe made for me

For most people, it can take months or even years to close their first deal as real estate agents, and the majority don’t end up lasting long in this highly competitive business. Miranda Ferreira, however, took things off from very early thanks to...

For most people, it can take months or even years to close their first deal as real estate agents, and the majority don’t end up lasting long in this highly competitive business. Miranda Ferreira, however, took things off from very early thanks to her unique skills, her ability to connect with people, and her incredible work ethic.


While holding her license since 2018, Miranda became an active full-time realtor through a serendipitous chain of events in the early months of 2020. She was able to navigate the Covid pandemic with three young children to become the local Century 21 office's "Rookie of the Year". This strong start catapulted her to Top Producer for Amelia Island Nassau County, and Emerald Producer for Century 21 the following year. She is most proud of the "Top Service Award" in her second year and strives to keep these streaks going well into the next market swing. Communication is key, Ferreira states, "because it's hard to make a decision when you don't know all the facts". Miranda and her team at Century 21 Miller Elite work hard to ensure problems are found early (when they are still small) in order to limit the stress for clients.


In this episode of the Real Estate Excellence podcast, Miranda Ferreira will teach you how she was able to leverage her skills, connections, and tools to succeed in real estate from the very start of her real estate career. 



[00:00 - 07:33] From Growing Up on a Sugar Cane Farm to Closing 90 Real Estate Transactions

• Miranda Ferreira is a real estate agent in the Fernandina Beach, Fernandina, and Milia Island area.

• She has done nearly 90 transactions in two and a half years.

• She left her doctorate in physical therapy for real estate.

• Grew up on a sugarcane farm in nowhere Podunk, Louisiana.

• Graduated with 53 students from high school.

• Her undergrad degree was in nutrition.

• She originally wanted to be a chef but her parents said no due to a lack of certainty in that profession.


[07:33 - 14:45] Embracing the Unknown: A Journey from Physical Therapy to Real Estate

• Miranda went to the University of St. Augustine for physical therapy.

• She got a real estate license in 2018 but sat inactive until 2020.

• She decided to pursue real estate after losing a contract in a nursing home due to Covid.

• Had been considering getting into real estate every 3 months for 11 years prior.

• Making the jump to real estate was scary, especially being the provider for her children.


[14:45 - 21:50] Overcoming Challenges and Making a Leap into Real Estate

• Fear is a liar and one must take a step out of the comfort zone.

• Miranda’s coworkers, Bobby and Carol, were nothing but supportive throughout her journey.

• She felt like her back was against the wall and had to make a leap of faith.

• She did 4 deals in 20 months and had a decent 2021.

• She used budgeting to help manage her expenses.

• Her father-in-law was John T. Ferre.


[21:51 - 28:35] How Working with Family Helped Launch a Real Estate Business

• Family members provided onboarding and education for Miranda to get the business off the ground.

• Family members were available as a reference and resource.

• Early attempts at marketing were unsuccessful.

• Started taking advice from family members who were successful in the business.

• Focused on understanding the market and staying in one's lane.

• Set expectations with clients and set boundaries for oneself.


[28:36 - 36:06] Miranda Ferrera Shares How to Help Renters Take Advantage of the Current Market

• Quality service is the goal.

• Understanding the customer's pain point is key to success.

• Taking knowledge from a previous career and applying it to real estate.

• Current market conditions are forcing renters out of their homes due to high demand.

• Northeast Florida has a good business climate and job market, leading to an increased demand for homes.


[36:06 - 42:54] How to Build Wealth Through Real Estate and Social Media

• Career renters are being pushed out of their rental nest due to market conditions.

• Real estate is in every millionaire's and billionaire's portfolio and is a way to build wealth.

• Investing in a 401k typically only yields 10% returns, while real estate can yield 20%.

• A good social media strategy should focus on authenticity and positivity.

• Social media is a free way to advertise and educate about the community.


[42:55 - 50:21] The Miranda Way: How a Top Producing Real Estate Agent Generates Leads 

• Miranda has only been in the business for three years and produces at a high level.

• Innovative and creative marketing strategies were used to generate leads and attract new clients.

• Showing up is key to success: going out, creating conversations, attending events, etc.

• Staying top of mind by texting people, popping by with gifts, being positive, etc.


[50:21 - 57:35] Key Traits and Qualities Necessary for Success in Real Estate

• Focus on finding your sweet spot in prospecting.

• Key traits and qualities for success in real estate: thick skin, honesty, patience, and communication.

• Example of hard conversation: telling a client their house is worth less than they thought.

• Don't expect an immediate return on work.

• Don't ask professionals to cut their fees.


[57:35 - 01:03:58] Educating Homebuyers on the Value of Quality Services

• Real estate agents should not be asking for House scan how much they charge for a home inspection.

• Loan officers are facing margin compression and need to focus on service rather than interest rates.

• It's not until you've had a bad experience that you realize how important it is to provide quality service.

• Educate clients on the importance of quality service and why it is necessary.

• What you do today will hang around for a while, so make sure it is a good impression.


[01:03:58 - 01:11:18] Raising the Bar: Miranda's Vision for Expanding Her Real Estate Business

• Collaborating with other real estate agents in the area to stay abreast of market conditions.

• Top agents are supportive and willing to share information.

• Raising the bar by providing a greater service.

• Using coaching and Brian Buffini's principles to be competitive.

• Reflecting on the journey and being happy with the decisions made.

• Expanding business by getting coaching, adding a transaction coordinator, and potentially recruiting another loan officer.


[01:11:18 - 01:18:15] Grow Your Real Estate Business with Mentorship and Teamwork

• Benefit of hiring a licensed real estate agent to prospect for you.

• Retention is key for successful teams.

• Growth mindset is important for team members.

• Teams should have a clear understanding of their goals and objectives.

• Mentorship is important for new agents to get on the right path quickly.

• Many successful agents are doing well before the age of 30, but age shouldn’t matter.




“Fear is a liar. It will tell you that you cannot achieve what you want, but you can, and you must have faith in yourself.” -Miranda Ferreira


"Be authentic. Be you. Being authentic is the best way to advertise yourself, because that’s the only way people bond and connect with you.” -Miranda Ferreira


“You don't grow if you're not challenged. If you want to keep growing, you cannot get too comfortable.” -Miranda Ferreira


“In a way, real estate is not too different from physical therapy. It’s all about understanding where it hurts for your client, how it hurts, and why. Then, you can provide them with the solution.” -Miranda Ferreira


Learn more about Miranda’s business and make contact with her:


Properties of Amelia Island: propertiesofameliaisland.com

Miranda Ferreira, Century 21 Miller Elite Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mirandagferreirac21/

Miranda Ferreira, Century 21 Miller Elite Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirandaferreirac21/?hl=es

Miranda Ferreira, Century 21 Miller Elite YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@mirandagferreirac21

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/mirandagferreirac21 


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