Jan. 17, 2023

Vera Jones: Faith, Focus and Fortitude

Vera Jones: Faith, Focus and Fortitude

Speaking in public is never easy, and it doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Yet, it is a skill that is required in almost every discipline, whether you wish to become a public keynote speaker, promote your work and your business on social...

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Speaking in public is never easy, and it doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Yet, it is a skill that is required in almost every discipline, whether you wish to become a public keynote speaker, promote your work and your business on social media, or do something as simple as succeeding in a job interview.


Luckily, Vera Jones understands this and dedicates her career to coaching and giving seminars and speeches about how to speak in public. Vera is a former professional basketball player who became one of the most proficient commentators and analysts for women’s basketball, working for notable channels like ESPN and Big Ten Network.


But Vera’s teachings aren’t limited to the art of public speaking, as important as that art may be. She also provides coaching and valuable content on leadership and self-improvement based on the three fundamental values of faith, focus, and fortitude, which she has applied to her basketball career as well as every other facet of her life.


Don’t miss out on this special episode of Real Estate Excellence, where Vera Jones will reveal the secrets to her success.


[00:00 - 07:14]: Unlocking the Secrets of Leadership and Professional Success with Vera Jones

  • Vera Jones is an accomplished speaker and coach with a degree in broadcast journalism.
  • She has been a women's basketball analyst for major networks like ESPN, Madison Square Garden, and the Big 10 Network.
  • 15 years ago, she founded Vera's Voice Works to provide motivational speaking coaching services.
  • She will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Jacksonville Mortgage Banker's Association meeting.
  • Her book, "Play Through the Foul," focuses on how to play through life's fouls and develop a winner's mentality.
  • Her experience in sports has translated into her business and professional life, teaching her lessons about discipline


[07:14 - 14:41] From Basketball Pro to Mortgage Banker

  • Grew up in Prince Georges's County, Maryland
  • Played basketball from age five and received a full scholarship to Syracuse University
  • Spent 30 years as a sports broadcaster
  • Won Big ten championship with Syracuse University
  • Letter winner with distinction and in the Syracuse Hall of Fame
  • Started working for ESPN in 1997


[14:41 - 22:05] How Networking Helped Vera Jones Fulfil Her Dreams

  • Vera started her career in corporate sales at Proctor and Gamble.
  • She got a master's degree in communications from Syracuse University.
  • Worked as a radio DJ for many years.
  • Got the call from ESPN after honing her craft.
  • Networking was key to getting the job, including sending tapes and writing a thank you letter to Robin Roberts.
  • She’s now repaying her blessings by helping young people learn the ropes of broadcasting.


[22:05 - 29:27] Embracing Empathic Leadership and Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Vera recently retired from sports broadcasting and is now focusing full-time on her professional speaking and leadership development business, Vera's Voice Works.
  • Vera is writing her first leadership book, Leadership Success not First Pure Leadership Book, which deals with six principles of empathic leadership
  • Vera recommends understanding the difference between a more empathic or affiliative style of leadership needed today versus the way we were brought up to lead.
  • Vera's mother encouraged her to finish writing her book, get herself on the speaker circuit, and get herself on Oprah


[29:27 - 36:46] Overcoming Adversity to Inspire Others and Lead with Confidence

  • Focus on what you bring to your audience, not on yourself.
  • Be your own biggest critic, but do it gently.
  • It's not about being approved. It's about being improved.
  • Consistency and improvement will keep people following you.
  • Services provided: executive coaching, middle management training, leadership training, conflict resolution training.
  • Success story: Tom Moore overcame paralysis from the chest down to become a wheelchair racer and inspire others.


[36:46 - 43:39] Learn Empathic Leadership and Faith Focused Fortitude

  • Empathic leadership is more affiliative and less confrontational compared to more old-fashioned styles of leadership.
  • Leaders should focus on what their people need, not just what they need them to do.
  • Top brokers dig deep into what makes their real estate agents successful.
  • Prospecting methods vary from person to person.
  • Grant Cardone's 10x method can be effective.
  • Caller ID has made cold calling less effective.
  • Visit veravoiceworks.com or perseverancespeak.com to learn more about Bera's services.
  • Faith, Focus, and Fortitude are key to success-



“Life is not about how you play when things are going great. It’s about how you do it when they’re not.” -Vera Jones.


“I want to help you wrap your arms around what mindset is about. We always want to do and do, but we don’t always have the thoughts that allow us to do and do. That’s what mindset is about, and there are strategies that allow us to gain that mindset.” -Vera Jones.


“True leadership is not about what you can get other people to do. It’s about understanding what you can do for your team to become the best they can be.” -Vera Jones.


“If you want to be a leader, you need to stay with the times. Just as the styles of clothes and hairstyles change with the times, so has to do our leadership style.” -Vera Jones.


“If you want to become a great speaker, you shouldn’t focus on yourself. You should focus on what value you’re beginning to others through your speeches.” -Vera Jones.



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Don’t forget to visit Vera’s business website https://www.verasvoiceworks.com to access highly valuable resources on coaching, speaking and self-improvement.


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