Dustin Brohm has more than 20 years of experience working as a real estate agent, and he’s the author of multiple books about real estate and succeeding in the business. As a former columnist for HousingWire, Dustin understands the power of communication. This led him to create the Massive Agent Podcast, which has since seen incredible success, turning Dustin into an authority figure in the real estate industry.

Don’t miss this episode of Real Estate Excellence to learn how to use the power of video and communication to become a massively successful agent.

[00:00 - 07:57] Dustin Brohm on Choosing the Right Brokerage for Your Goals
[07:57 - 15:05] How to Find Your Passion and Stick With It
[15:06 - 22:01] The One Thing Every New Real Estate Agent Should be Doing
[22:01 - 30:23] Tips for Realtors to Create Impactful Videos
[30:24 - 37:59] Leverage Your Social Media to Boost Your Real Estate Business
[37:59 - 45:21] Explore the Benefits of Chat GPT for Real Estate Agents

"Focus on the results, not the features, not the tools." -Dustin Brohm

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