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Brian Lunsford is a political science major who found his purpose in entrepreneurship when he first built a website for his father’s pest control company back in 2005, a step that single-handedly made the company grow to the point where it was bought by a Fortune 500 company.

Today, Brian has founded and owned multiple businesses, one of which reached the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. He’s here to teach you the secrets to business growth.

Join us today in this exciting episode of Real Estate Excellence to learn what it takes to grow in a highly competitive industry!

[00:00 - 06:37] From Growing Up in Cony to Serial Entrepreneur and NFL Partner
[06:37 - 12:38] Brian’s Road Towards Entrepreneurship
[12:38 - 18:47] How Moving Out of State and Starting a Business Led to Success
[18:47 - 25:00] Balancing Compensation for Pest Control Technicians
[25:00 - 31:06] How Jacksonville World Producers are Helping Everyone Win
[31:06 - 37:28] Balancing Work and Family Time for Long-Term Success
37:28 - 44:20] Staffing for Small Businesses in Fluid Industries
44:20 - 51:02] Finding Success Through Trusting and Investing in the Right People
[51:02 - 57:01] Harmony Over Hustle: How Diversification Helps Weather Uncertainty
[57:01 - 01:02:51] Confidence in Team Members: Fostering a Positive Work Environment
[01:02:52 - 01:08:46] From the Trenches to the Top: Keeping Your Team Motivated
[01:08:46 - 01:15:05] Staying Away from Negativity and Encouraging Positive Living
[01:15:05 - 01:21:21] Brian's Journey to Instill Values in His Kids

"There's never the right time. You just gotta make a move.” -Brian Lunsford

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