#shorts How Top Real Estate Agents Overcome Market Downturns Top Tip For Real Estate Team Success: Run Deep #shorts Top 3 Tips To Create a Top Producing Real Estate Team
Cherya Cavanaugh, is a top selling realtor who has worked with widely successful real estate companies such as Re/Max and Keller Willims, and grew all the way from being a teacher to founding and growing one of the most successful real estate teams in the US.

Cherya is the CEO of the Cavanaugh Team, which she founded alongside her husband, Tom. In her own words, real estate has become a vessel for them to experience financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, and, most importantly, an opportunity to positively impact their community.

Tune in to learn how a mission-driven focus can boost your success as a real estate entrepreneur.

[00:00 - 07:41] From Education Major to Top Producing Real Estate Agent

[07:41 - 14:56] How a Family Found a Diamond in the Rough During the Market Crash

[14:56 - 21:55] 1500 Homes Sold in Northeast Florida Over Past 10 Years

[21:55 - 29:06] The Value of Going Small to Grow Big

[29:06 - 36:14] Inspire Your Teammates and Help Them Achieve Their Goals

[36:14 - 44:21] How Top Producers Maximize Experiences and Memories

[44:22 - 51:20] The Benefits of Hiring an Assistant in Real Estate

[51:20 - 58:58] How to Leverage Your Strengths to Maximize Your Success

[58:59 - 01:05:54] Creating Vision, Knowing Numbers, and Producing Momentum

[01:05:54 - 01:12:38] Training Your Mature Team to Get Off the Fence

[01:12:38 - 01:19:42] Why 80% of Agents Fail in the First Two Years

[01:19:42 - 01:26:51] The Cavanaugh Team: Making Memories and Leaving a Legacy

"If you stay true to your commitment, then you'll continue to be successful." -Sherya Cavanaugh

If you wish to learn more about Sherya’s business, stay tuned for her new projects and get the opportunity to network with her, don’t forget to visit her social media, as well as Team Cavanaugh’s business website:

https://cavanaughteamfl.com/ https://www.instagram.com/cavteam10/ https://www.facebook.com/cavanaughrealestatepontevedra/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/cherya-cavanaugh-b38b79258/

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