#shorts Truth: What Real Estate Agents Are NOT Being Told
Welcome back to another episode of the Real Estate Excellence Podcast! Today, I have Patti Ketcham on the podcast. Patti Ketcham will go down as one of the most influential people in Florida Real Estate. She is the most sought-after instructor for Real Estate Continuing Education. Serves on the Florida Real Estate Commission which is appointed by the Governor. Ketcham Realty Group is well known and respected in the Tallahassee Community. When it has to do with Real Estate Patti Ketcham is an influencer and a wealth of knowledge. Best of THE BEST!

One of the best ways of becoming successful in real estate is having a great mentor. Today, I have invited the best real estate instructor in Florida, Patti Ketcham, and she is going to share with us her story and some tricks you can have up your sleeves. Let’s dive in!

[00:01 - 03:19] Opening Segment

I welcome Patti to the show
Patti’s Story
[03:20 - 50:32] A Source of Knowledge and Influence in Florida Real Estate

The Smokey Bear Summer Reading Club
What Patti wanted to do as a criminology and psychology graduate
Meeting her husband at 14 and delving into real estate
How not knowing any better became Patti’s advantage
Mortgage Banking for 15 Years!
The First Female President of the Mortgage Bankers Association in Tallahassee
Starting Ketcham Realty
People over Property
“I've worked really hard to make it look easy.”
How to know what’s good for you
Why You Should Not Be Like Patti
The People Patti Look Up To
Tallahassee Real Estate Commission is Moving On This Now
We See the Worst of the Worst at FREC
Pick the Broker, Find Your Crowd
Patti’s Favorite Class
“Always partner.”
What inspires Patti
Don’t Personalize It!
In power and what Patti would change in real estate

[50:33 - 56:32] Closing Segment

Who you know or what you know?
“Who you know gets you to the dance. What you know keeps you there.”
What Patti does when she isn’t teaching and selling real estate
Connect with Patti Ketcham
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Final words
Resources Mentioned:

Big Money Energy

Tweetable Quotes:
“You got to find your tribe.” - Patti Ketcham
“If you're using someone's valuable money and their time, you better deliver the goods.” - Patti Ketcham
“Don't be me, be better than me.” - Patti Ketcham
Connect with Patti Ketcham through 850-545-5314, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Or you can visit their website.