March 28, 2023

Haley Davis: The Haley Davis Team

Young people are dominating the Real Estate market, but only those who apply the right concepts and the correct mindset stay for long enough to succeed. Haley Davis knows this better than anyone, who came into the industry almost fresh out of college...

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Young people are dominating the Real Estate market, but only those who apply the right concepts and the correct mindset stay for long enough to succeed. Haley Davis knows this better than anyone, who came into the industry almost fresh out of college and now, with 6 years of experience, runs a top team of agents at Compass.


Haley moved from Orlando to Jacksonville in 2016, when she began her career in real estate, eventually becoming a Broker Associate and starting her team 3 years later. Since 2019, The Haley Davis Team has sold over $50 million in sales volume and helped over 200 families buy and sell real estate.


If you’re a young agent wondering where to start, this episode is for you. Tune in and join us!


[00:00 - 07:05] Young Real Estate Agent Haley Davis Shares Her Journey and Tips

• Haley Davis is a team lead for a top-producing team in the greater Jacksonville area and recently moved her team over to Compass.

• Haley Davis began her real estate career only a few years out of college and shared her experiences as a young person in the industry.

• After working in fine arts sales, she transitioned to graphic design and pivoted into real estate from there.


[07:05 - 13:19] How One Woman Found Her Niche and Built a Dream Team

• Haley began in real estate by working as a graphic designer for a real estate team led by a broker specializing in historic buildings. 

• The broker owner took her under her wing and taught her about the niche market of historic houses in Avondale Riverside.

• She also learned about renovating houses from the co-owner.


[13:19 - 19:49] Key Lessons Learned from Haley’s Mentors

• Haley learned negotiation skills from a broker-owner with over 10 years of experience.

•  She advises aspiring real estate agents to be prepared to work for themselves and has a clear vision of their week and life, and model their business after successful agents.

• Finding the right brokerage and talking to current agents, and asking the right questions is important for success in real estate.


[19:49 - 26:23] The Importance of Consistency and Finding Your Niche 

• Consistency and following formula are essential for success:

• Setting up a plan.

• Having a schedule.

• Sending daily emails and making social media phones.

• Making phone calls. 

• Onboarding process for new agents includes setting expectations and guidelines.

• Being in an office can provide structure and focus for new agents.


[26:23 - 32:59] In-Office Accountability and Education for Agents

• Being in the office is important to hold yourself accountable. 

• Choosing a brokerage based on their focus on new agents or producers.

• Confidence is key to success in real estate, which is why education is important.


[32:59 - 39:26] The Importance of Mentorship for New Real Estate Agents

• Having a mentor is important to keep a learning process and hold yourself accountable. 

• Historic district houses can be challenging to sell due to their unique features and potential pitfalls.

• Providing value to agents through mentorship and access to resources is essential to building a successful team.

• The team structure includes full-time agents, an operations manager, and a transaction coordinator


[39:26 - 46:48] Hiring an Assistant and Leveraging Social Media

• Hiring an assistant is crucial for leveraging time and delegating tasks.

• Decision fatigue can be reduced by delegating social media management to an assistant.

• Consistent social media presence, including video content, is important for new agents

• Personal connections and relationships are also crucial in the real estate business


[46:48 - 53:40] The Challenges of Starting and Leading a Successful Team 

• It’s important to bond over shared interests outside of work.

• Separating friendship from business can be a challenge.

• Why you need to maintain a professional image for the team while also being authentic.


[53:40 - 01:00:22] Lessons from Team Building and Hiring Processes

• Gray areas in contracts can lead to trouble.

• Hiring process is the hardest part of building a team.

• Passive-aggressive behavior is not good for a healthy team. You need to be clear and communicate. 

• Retention of good people is crucial for success.


[01:00:22 - 01:06:42] Retaining Top Talent Through Value and Forward-Thinking

• Retention is a challenge for leaders, but adding value is key to retaining employees

• One-on-one meetings every other week provide focused time to discuss goals and deal updates.

• Book club meetings every other week also provide value for team members.

• Being available and present in the office helps team members feel supported and confident in their work

• Shared experiences and leadership support help minimize mistakes and keep the team calm during stressful situations.


[01:06:42 - 01:13:11] The Importance of Processes and Systems

• Mastery of time management and leadership tools led Haley’s team to seek new challenges.

• Processes and systems are everything for their team's efficiency and productivity.

•  Efficiency allows more time for personal pursuits.

• A mentor at their previous brokerage helped with developing systems and processes.


[01:13:11 - 01:19:54] Organization and Planning as the Base for Confidence

• Having a clear plan with short and long-term goals is essential for success.

• Organization and processes are crucial for starting a successful team.

• Confidence comes from having well-developed processes and systems in place.

• Haley believes working with her team is superior due to their knowledge and expertise

• Pet peeves when working with other agents include lack of communication and organization.

[01:19:55 - 01:26:13] The Importance of Collaboration With Agents and Clients

• Haley has experienced agents speaking down to her and her team.

• She believes that good negotiators are collaborative, not adversarial.

• It is important to humanize the process and build relationships with other agents in the industry.




"You don't need to recreate the wheel. It's just a matter of finding the person that you wanna model your business after and work.” - Haley Davis


"Education is number one. Accountability is number two." - Haley Davis


"Perception is reality. You don’t need to be a big and important agent when you begin, but if you come off as one, that is going to carry you there.” - Haley Davis


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