Nov. 29, 2022

Karl Sona of Streamlined Media

Karl Sona of Streamlined Media

Making your content explode in social media isn’t always a matter of luck but a matter of being consistent and understanding your audiences. This is what the entrepreneur Karl Sona helps businesses and independent creators achieve at Streamlined...

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Making your content explode in social media isn’t always a matter of luck but a matter of being consistent and understanding your audiences. This is what the entrepreneur Karl Sona helps businesses and independent creators achieve at Streamlined Media. Karl grew up south of Washington, D.C., as the son of Moroccan immigrant parents. His parents’ hard work and determination made him quickly learn that these were the values needed to succeed at the land of opportunity.


Having started his career as a medical equipment salesman, Karl grew into a successful business developer who saw the immense potential of podcasting as a medium to educate and be educated by others. Thus, he became one of the founders of Streamlined Media. This company helps businesses and individuals succeed by producing podcasts and other social media content with an understanding of audiences and SEO.


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[00:01 - 06:53] Helping Businesses Leverage Their Social Media Efforts

  • Karl Sona is an entrepreneur and one of the founders of Streamline Media, a company that helps real estate professionals with social media marketing.
  • Karl's parents came to the United States from Cameroon and emphasized education and hard work.
  • Karl went to college and got a scholarship to study biomedical engineering but switched to medical device sales.
  • Ke started a podcast to help other podcasters. He eventually became known as an "expert" in the field.
  • He then started helping other businesses in the social media space, such as podcast hosts.
  • Karl believes that social media is a growing area and that everyone should use it to promote their business.


[06:53 - 13:41] How to create engaging and relevant content for your target audiences

  • It's important for businesses to focus on personal branding to stand out.
  • An omnichannel digital marketing strategy is the best way to achieve success.
  • It can take up to 18 months for content marketing to pay off, but by doing it consistently, results will improve over time.
  • Social media should be used to connect with customers and build relationships, not just to market products or services.


[13:41 - 20:31] Tackling Different Media and Formats Without Losing Focus

  • Tracy says that the key to success for a real estate agent is to be an expert in their local area and focus on that instead of trying to be nationally known.
  • Rock Dwayne Johnson is used as an example of a multi-faceted branding strategy, as he has built a large fan base over the years through professional wrestling, movies, and his tequila business.
  • Different types of content work on different platforms and audiences. For example, LinkedIn is good for long-form written content, whereas platforms like TikTok and Instagram work with short audiovisual content.


[20:31 - 26:52] Real Estate Agents Feeding Content to Social Media

  • Six and a half million dollars were deposited into an escrow account because of a Facebook post about a house for sale that was using the right terms to attract buyers.
  • The real estate market is tightening up, and agents are starting to see more competition.
  • Agents should focus on creating relevant and useful content for their target audience and then spread it across multiple platforms.


[26:52 - 33:14] How to be an expert in your local market with Streamlined Podcasts

  • You should be creating engaging and authentic content to be seen as an expert in your local market.
  • The use of social media has made it easier for agents to build relationships with potential buyers.
  • An agent's voice is powerful and should be used to connect with potential buyers in a personal way.


[33:15 - 35:21] How to Create Great Content for Your Brand

  • Your content could be too long for your target audience, but you can use long-form content to extract segments to create shorter content.
  • Long-form content is great when people already know you and your brand, but it's better to create shorter content when you're starting up.
  • The average consumer's attention span is no longer than 15 to 60 seconds, so this is the length you should focus on at the beginning.
  • Whether a video is successful can come down to factors such as positioning, when it's published, the thumbnails, and the length.
  • Streamlined Media can help you make the most of your videos by letting you know the best platform and time to publish and creating shorter segments adapted for all platforms, including TikTok and Instagram.




"When my parents brought me to America, I very quickly learned that hard work and a determined mindset were what was necessary to make it in this country.” -Karl Sona.

“The influx point in my career came when I realized that podcasting was a great source of education. Through podcasting, I used my free time to learn about leadership, business development, and sales, allowing me to separate myself from the rest.” -Karl Sona.

“Today’s consumer is highly sophisticated, with different platforms for different devices, at different times for different reasons. We help companies understand where the consumer’s rationale and mentality is.” -Karl Sona.

“If you’re an agent who’s entirely committed to being the best in your local area, and if you want to be trusted and highly thought about, we can help you achieve that. We work on your back end and front end to make your content interesting, engaging, and visible.” -Karl Sona

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