Dec. 15, 2022

Kim Knapp: Do it Right - Keep it Real

Kim Knapp: Do it Right - Keep it Real

Having found in real estate the opportunity to pursue her dreams, Kim Knapp sold $6 million in inventory in her first year as a professional agent, which earned her the status of top producer for her company.   However, as talented as Kim was in...

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Having found in real estate the opportunity to pursue her dreams, Kim Knapp sold $6 million in inventory in her first year as a professional agent, which earned her the status of top producer for her company.


However, as talented as Kim was in sales, she had to put in the effort to become the high-achieving businesswoman and leader that she is today. Using the marketing tactic known as farming and seeking for mentorship to learn the ins and outs of the business side of real estate, Kim grew to become one of the most successful realtors in her area.


Today, Kim oversees a half-billion dollar office, is a CRS instructor and speaker, is a major investor with RPAC, and is the founder of REBarCamp One Coast, one of the largest BarCamps in the nation.


Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence to listen to Kim’s full story and learn the secrets of her success.


[00:01 - 06:45] Introducing Our Guest Kim Knapp: How to Expand as a Real Estate Agent

  • Kim Knapp has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, is a keynote speaker and is highly respected by her peers.
  • Kim organizes an event called a REBar Camp, where real estate professionals with different levels of experience gather to share information and tips about the industry, self-improvement, and how to improve as agents, as well as to lobby and make contacts.
  • The sessions are organized according to the topics that people demand the most, which are found using digital tools.

[06:46 - 13:28] Northeast Florida's Top Real Estate Agents Share Their Tips

  • The latest sessions of the bar camp have taken into account the different levels of experience of attendees, with one star representing a newer agent, two stars representing an experienced agent, and three stars representing an experienced agent who has been in the business for five or fewer years.
  • There are also badges for first-time attendees, those who have been in the business for five years or less, and those who have been in the business for more than five years.
  • The REBar Camp facilitated an atmosphere designed to help participants learn and grow.


[13:28 - 20:07] Agents stick with the company she knows

  • Kim has been with the same brokerage for 22 years.
  • There have been times when he's had to make cuts to her listings, but overall she’s been happy with the company
  • She’s noticed that the market has changed a lot over the years, and he's gotten better at pricing his homes correctly


[20:07 - 26:47] Kim Knapp Shares Tips on How to Collaborate with Others

  • Tracy asks Kim what was it that triggered the change in her life that led to her becoming a successful real estate agent.
  • Kim explains the role that Jackie Leavenworth as played in her life, as an instructor, speaker and mentor.
  • Jackie Leavenworth’s teachings made Kim realize that there was still a lot to learn, even if she was already very talented and achieving in her field, which led her to want to focus on her own learning.


[26:48 - 33:16]. How important is it for agents to find what they do best?

  • Agents should find what they're good at and produce as quickly as possible to really accelerate their career
  • It's necessary for survival to find what your personality style is and what resonates with you, and then do it with all your heart
  • For farming to work, agents need to find a field that they're good at and clear it and till it and plant it. It can take a few months for the market to turn around for agents.


[33:16 - 39:51] How to become the real estate agent you want to be

  • You can begin by becoming the mosy knowledgeable real estate agent in a specific neighborhood or area, and the one people go to when they want to buy or sell there.
  • This is an approach known as farming
  • However, before farming a neighborhood, you should be aware of your own skills and what you like and dislike doing.


[39:51 - 46:23] Real Estate Agents Need to be Authentic

  • Social media has helped to create a more authentic connection between agents and their clients, which has helped to build trust.
  • Authenticity is key when establishing relationships with potential customers, and agents should focus on finding commonalities with their clients in order to build trust.
  • Agents should also maintain a culture that is supportive and encouraging of success.


[46:23 - 52:57] Agents sometimes can get in the way of buyers and sellers

  • When it comes to buying or selling a home, it can be an important decision for people, and often times it's an irrational decision.
  • There are some initial steps that you can take to help agents build relationships with buyers and sellers, and to help them navigate through the process.
  • It's important for agents to know people's why, and to be able to take buyers and sellers back to their reasons for making the decision they're making.
  • You always need to be honest and upfront, even if it can cost you a sale, because that’s how you build trust.


[52:57 - 59:49] How to avoid buying a house that's uninsurable

  • Kim and Tracy discuss how agents can be more honest with buyers and sellers, and how this can help to create successful deals.
  • Agents should be pro-prelisting inspections, as this helps to ensure that buyers and sellers are aware of potential issues with a property before signing a contract.
  • Time spent on minor repairs can delay the closing process, and agents should be aware of this in order to manage expectations.


[59:50 - 01:06:22] Agents need to continue to educate themselves

  • It is important for agents to continue to educate themselves on various topics so that they can stay ahead of the curve and be more successful in the real estate market.
  • Agents who are constantly learning and expanding their knowledge are more successful than those who have "tapped out" a few years ago.
  • It is important for agents to set expectations with buyers from the beginning so that both sides are comfortable with the transaction.


[01:06:22 - 01:16:39] Rebar Camp: A Must-Attend Event for Real Estate Professionals

  • Kim and her family regularly visit the "Okefenokee" area in Georgia, which they describe as "relaxed and peaceful."
  • They mention that success is more important than who you know or what you know, and that opportunity must be sought out.
  • Kim and Tracy encourage listeners to join their community at, where they can learn from others and continue their pursuit of excellence.




“When I began working in real estate I worked really hard and sold 6 million dollars, yet I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was baptism by fire and learning by mistake.” -Kim Knapp


“With social media content we can now get so much reach, but don’t need to get caught up in how many people are watching your content. Instead, always make content with a purpose.” -Kim Knapp


“A key to selling is in getting to know your clients, even in simple things like knowing their sports team, their hobbies, what kind of wine they like. That way you become top of mind when they need to do business.” -Kim Knapp


“Sometimes clients can make decisions that don’t seem in their best interest, but agents shouldn’t get in the way. You’re there to add value to them and get them in negotiations that are a win-win, where all parties are satisfied.” -Kim Knapp

Get in contact with Kim Knapp and learn more about him and his businesses by visiting his Facebook page and his YouTube channel. Learn more about Kim’s business by visiting the Real Dynamic Agents website.


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