#shorts Negative Mindset is a Killer With over one decade of experience as a high-performing realtor, Julia currently serves some of the most competitive areas in the US, including the Northeast Florida coastline and surrounding areas. She has a profound understanding of how the real estate business works and how you can succeed in it, and she’s joining Tracy today to share that knowledge with you.

Tune in to learn the ins and outs of how to succeed as a real estate professional from one of the absolute best!

[00:00 - 07:41] From Painter's Contractor to Top 500 Florida Agent
[07:41 - 14:23] How to Develop Confidence and Overcome Fear as an Agent
[14:24 - 20:49] Protect Your Name: How Owning Your Domain Name Can Help You Grow in Sales
[20:49 - 27:55] How to Brand Yourself and Utilize a CRM System for Maximum Results
[27:55 - 34:37] The Secret to Success: Answer Your Phone and Utilize Your CRM
[34:37 - 42:21] Investing in Your Team: The Benefits of Hiring an Assistant
[42:21 - 48:58] Learn From the Best: How to Build a Successful Real Estate Team
[48:58 - 55:37] How to Deal With Clients: Take the High Road and Stay Professional
[55:37 - 01:02:33] Tips for Real Estate Professionals and Pet Peeves to Avoid
[01:02:33 - 01:09:20] Must-Dos for New Real Estate Agents: Consistency, Dedication, and Patience
[01:09:20 - 01:15:45] Consistency is Key: How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business
[01:15:45 - 22:52] Get the Most Return on Investment with Facebook Ads

"You have to be uncomfortable to grow. If you're not feeling uncomfortable, then you're not growing."

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