#shorts New Agent Tip to Creating Content Should You Create Content...HELL YES!
Loida Velasquez is a top realtor at Team BC, one of the most prestigious real estate brokerages in America. She also has a YouTube Channel with over 87,000 subscribers and an Instagram account with over 30,000 followers. She’s known to be one of the most successful agents in leveraging social media to build a client network.

Tune in to this episode of Real Estate Excellence podcast to learn how to turn your social media into a tool to generate credibility and trust.

[00:00 - 07:40] Loida Velasquez's Vision for Social Media and Real Estate Agents
[07:40 - 14:39] The Importance of Choosing the Right Brokerage
[14:39 - 21:37] Advice for New Real Agents: Leave Your Comfort Zone and Make Those Calls!
[21:37 - 28:43] From Cold Calling to Team BC Top Agent
[28:43 - 36:23] 3 Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent
[36:24 - 43:28] How YouTube Can Help Realtors Succeed
[43:28 - 50:33] Reaching Out to the Hispanic Community
[50:33 - 57:55] Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate Agents
[57:55 - 01:04:46] Turning Social Media Leads Into Real Estate Referrals

"Making those calls and getting outside of my comfort zone is what got me to the level that I'm at now.” -Loida Velasquez

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