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This podcast episode features Elaine Morgin and Yahira Montano, two real estate professionals from Caldwell Banker Vanguard who have experienced success in the industry. Military Relocation Professionals.

The widely different set of skills and personalities brought by Elaine and Yahira allowed them to become an extremely strong team, achieving incredible results, such as a record of 48 transactions per year during the last 3 years.

Join us to learn how Elained and Jahira grew together as a team to dominate the world of real estate!
Military Relocation Professionals.

[00:00 - 07:40] Elaine Morgin and Yahaira Montag's Journey to Real Estate Excellence
[07:40 - 14:35] Taking the Walt Disney World Company's "If There's a Will, There's a Way" Mentality to Real Estate
[14:35 - 21:27] From Social Work to Real Estate: How One New Yorker Made the Leap and Found Success
[21:27 - 28:06] Finding the Right Brokerage: Elaine's Story of Taking the Driver's Seat and Making It Work
[28:06 - 35:08] Yahira's Story of Success: From Rentals to Referrals and Beyond
[35:08 - 41:47] Working Together: The Benefits of Having a Mentor in Real Estate
[41:47 - 49:22] How a Young Person Can Show Engagement and Earn Respect
[49:22 - 56:00] Elaine's Straightforward Approach to Real Estate
[56:00 - 01:02:47] Exploring the Benefits of VA Loans for Military Relocation
[01:02:47 - 01:09:27] Elaine Key to Success: Going Above and Beyond for Clients
[01:09:28 - 01:15:58] How to Be an Information Resource for Your Clients and Save Them Time
[01:15:58 - 01:22:33] The Power of Discipline: How Elaine's Morning Routine Helped Her Achieve Success in Real Estate

"If there's a will, there's a way. There's always a negotiation. There's always a conversation. There's always the ability to get it done." -Elaine Morgin

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