Corporate America can offer many safe and decent-paying jobs for those who have the skills to maintain them. However, these jobs are not for entrepreneurial spirits like Mike Rolewicz, and they might not be for you, either. Mike went through the early years of his career working on a well-paying office job that didn’t demand a great deal of effort from him. However, seeing the financial independence and freedom that a highly successful friend of his had achieved at a young age inspired him to take a leap of faith into real estate and begin carrying business on his own.

Tune in to learn how this highly determined entrepreneur went from corporate America to real estate excellence!

[00:00 - 07:07] Mike Rolewicz: From Corporate America to Real Estate Excellence
[07:08 - 14:11] A Risk-Taking Mentality Leads to a Successful Real Estate Career
[14:11 - 21:33] How One Agent Achieved Success in His First 12 Months
[21:34 - 29:37] The Secret to Real Estate Success: High Standards and Consistency
[29:37 - 36:57] Creating Conversations, Showing Proof of Competence and Studying the Market
[36:57 - 44:16] Use Videos to Introduce Your Team and Future Pace Clients for Success
[44:16 - 51:10] A Real Estate Agent's Unique Questions to Help Clients Find Their Dream Home
[51:10 - 58:47] Navigating the Real Estate Market During Economic Fluctuations
[58:47 - 1:06:13] Agent Crushing it with Tools and Tech Stack
[1:06:13 - 1:13:15] The Reality of Developing a Successful Team Culture in Real Estate
[1:13:15 - 1:20:20] How to Maximize Your Real Estate Market Share in a Down Market
[1:20:20 - 1:27:41] A Reflection on the Journey Through Cancer Diagnosis and Business Growth
[1:27:41 - 1:28:43] Develop Others and Transfer Skills

"We're not chasing transactions, conversations, or currency. We're building relationships. A great way to do that is by having content that educates, informs, and if it entertains hey even better." -Mike Rolewicz

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