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Speaking of dynamic duos, this episode of Real Estate Excellence features two amazing attorneys from the title insurance business, Maria Coutu and Christina Tatum, from Atlantic Coast Title and Escrow, a company that is breaking records closing premium deals in Jacksonville, Florida.

Together, Maria and Christina are revolutionizing the world of title insurance, bringing forth a new proposal for dealing with clients and agents that makes the whole process much more streamlined and satisfying for the final client.

Don’t miss this chance to learn the incredible success story of these two highly talented attorneys!

[00:00 - 06:47] Maria Coutu and Christina Tatum’s Road to Real Estate Success
[06:47 - 12:59] Maria and Christina’s Journey Across the Different Branches of Law
[12:59 - 19:09] Bridging the Gap in Title Work and Home Inspections
[19:09 - 25:13] How Two Attorneys Turned Their Title Company Into a Boutique Service
[25:14 - 31:20] The Importance of Title Insurance and What to Look Out For
[31:20 - 38:00] How Maria Overcame Challenges to Start Her Own Real Estate Business
[38:00 - 44:02] How Hard Work and Personality Led to Real Estate Success
[44:02 - 49:40] Breaking Down the Process and Saying Yes to What Sellers Need
[49:40 - 55:44] How Title Companies are Setting Up Agents for Success
[55:44 - 01:01:29] Bonding and Building Trust a Key Step Towards Growth
[01:01:30 - 01:07:21] Navigating Complex Situations, Processes, and Home Titles
[01:07:22 - 01:12:55] Avoiding Tax Shock: Tips for Buyers When Homesteading
[01:12:55 - 01:19:02] Creating a Positive Closing Experience

"We don't need the biggest title company. We just wanna be the best." -Maria Coutou

To learn more about Maria and Christina’s business, stay up to date on their projects, and make contact with them for future networking opportunities, make sure to follow Atlantic Coast Title and Escrow’s social media and business pages:


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