#shorts Real Estate Investing: Not For the Faint at Heart
In this episode of Real Estate Excellence, you’ll discover the incredible career progression of Susan Hanson, from having been born in a Vietnamese middle-class family to becoming a successful real estate agent in Florida!

Join us today to listen to Susan’s incredible success story, and learn some valuable tips on what to look for when buying an investment property, managing maintenance, vetting tenants, and selecting the right tenants for your property.

Tune in now and learn how to succeed in the real estate industry from one of the best!

[00:00 - 07:40] From Vietnam to Real Estate: Susan Hanson's Incredible Career
[07:40 - 14:15] Taking Advantage of Real Estate Investment Opportunities
[14:15 - 21:00] Tips for Finding the Right Tenant and Avoiding Deferred Maintenance
[21:00 - 27:52] Evolving From Mortgage Broker to Real Estate Agent
[27:52 - 35:17] The Importance of Mentors, Training, and Dedication in Real Estate
[35:17 - 42:16] The Benefits of Interacting on Social Media with Your Sphere
[42:16 - 48:51] Real Estate Agents Working Together for a Successful Transaction
[48:51 - 55:40] Tenacity and Honesty: The Keys to Success in Real Estate
[55:41 - 02:18] Developing a Process to Close Deals Effectively
[02:18 - 08:42] Why Who You Know is More Important Than What You Know

"Rising tide lifts all boats: that’s the attitude that every successful agent that I know has.” -Susan Hanson

Learn more about Susan Hanson’s business and make contact with her by visiting and following her social media and business website:


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