#shorts System and Processes to 200 Transactions for a solo Agent
Welcome back to another episode of the Real Estate Excellence Podcast! Today, I have Melissa Ricks on the podcast. Melissa Ricks is a realtor and the owner of Melissa Ricks Real Estate (MRRE). She is a full-time agent servicing sellers and buyers in NE Florida. She specializes in first-time home buyers, military and retirement relocations, new construction, and sellers in all circumstances.
The MRRE Dream Team provides top-notch customer service with weekly updates to all parties involved for a smooth transaction. Their customers and referral partners are the main sources of their continued success and they take pride in delivering on their promises, and giving back to their communities!

Since 2016 she has served families in the greater NE Florida region and takes pride in providing top-notch services, as well as providing peace of mind during the process of selling and buying for all of her customers. She has been fortunate to sell several hundred homes over the years and is honored to be a part of the top 1% of Real Estate professionals in their market.

[00:01 - 05:11] Opening Segment
I welcome Melissa to the show
Melissa shares her life story
Getting what she wants
Mom of five and asking what she wanted her identity to be

[05:12 - 48:58] Fueling Her Fire

Just built different: Where Melissa’s fire comes from
An article in the Real Producers Magazine: Check it out!
Having kids at a young age is tough to do
Providing quality to your life and value
How to express personal development to your kids
Melissa’s Road to Real Estate in Florida
“I just wanted a hobby!”
There is no in-between
A big believer in new agents starting with teams
Six Years of Real Estate Experience and Keeping Involved
Why Returns Come Full Circle
A Brand as Elite as Melissa felt
180 Friends Turned Customers and Clients!
An Internal Fire in People
I am Obsessed with People: Melissa talks about her motivation model
Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle
The sole agent on the weekend
Full Hands on Deck and Why Melissa won’t Hire a Showing Assistant
Why Systems and Processes are Everything to a Business
Built on the needs of the people
Not Just About Melissa
Hire for your weaknesses
What you see with Melissa Ricks is what you get
Own You.
What is Your Niche?
[48:59 - 57:54] Closing Segment

Connect with Melissa Ricks
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Who You Know or What You Know?
What You Know
Melissa’s Travel Bucket List
Not a big vacation person or traveler
Final words
Tweetable Quotes:
The Melissa Ricks Experience

“I thrive on change.” - Melissa Ricks

“You have to put yourself out there if you want to grow your name and your business.” - Melissa Ricks

“Brand recognition is everything. But, it has to be genuine.” - Melissa Ricks
Connect with Melissa Ricks through melissa@melissaricksrealestate.com, 904-548-8540, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok! Or you can visit their website.